Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.2 will be going live tomorrow, Jan 17 @ 09:00 UTC. This update addresses: Battlefield Portal, Maps, Specialists, Vehicles and weapons. You can expect a more substantial set of changes coming later this month in Update 3.2.0 alongside the reworked Breakaway map, and the return to Classes. Battlefield Portal Spearhead.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.0

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.1.0 brings Quality of Life improvements alongside the Manifest Rework and goes live on 07/12 @ 09:00 UTC. After the Mid-Season Event, the next Update is scheduled towards the end of January. Manifest Our main focus with the rework of Manifest is to ensure it becomes more streamlined and offers.

Battlefield 2042 Update 3.0.0

The Battlefield 2042 Update 3.0.0 deploys across all platforms on Tue, November 22 at 12:00 UTC, while Update 3.0.0 goes live at 08:00 UTC. Season 2 of Battlefield 2042 officially comes to a close on November 22nd at 08:00 UTC, at which point Update #3.0.0 will go live for all platforms. Season 3:.

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Battlefield V June Update

The Battlefield V June update has now been released and you may be thinking what does this update actually fix? Well we will tell you! If you want to know more about the Battlefield V June Update Notes keep on.

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Battlefield Hardline Preload Now Available

Are you ready for battle? You best be! We got some good news? The Battlefield Hardline Open Beta is now ready for preload on ORIGIN. But let me add this is only for PC not CONSOLE so get moving!.

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Battlefield 10th Anniversary – Battlefield

Battlefield 10th Anniversary – Battlefield 2 – Roland Smedberg remembers: For the Battlefield 2 launch trailer, we really wanted to show a lot of ways you can take out a base in multiplayer. This Battlefield 2 trailer.

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Battlefield 3 Teamspeak 3 Skin: Attention Soldiers! Are you a Battlefield 3 fan who also uses Teamspeak 3 to chat? Well if the answer is yes to both questions.

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