Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 for Season 2: Master of Arms releases on (today) Tuesday, September 27 @ 08:00 UTC. This update brings new fixes, vehicles, map reworks and more.

A special event is coming your way during mid-October. DICE are looking forward to sharing full details with you at a later time. But for now… expect new earnable cosmetics alongside infantry only gameplay with tight play-spaces and intense close-quarters combat.

Renewal – Map Improvement
Our intent for the map rework is to improve the infantry & close quarter combat experience. Flags and objectives are now significantly closer to each other. This will reduce the traversal time and overall ‘time to action’ when moving between sectors and objectives. To increase the impact of these changes, we decided to completely remove certain sections of the map that broke the game flow or were considered to be too far away.

Battlefield 2042 Renewal Map Rework

We’ve worked with both the terrain and with a large amount of new military fortifications to provide more opportunities for cover. These assets transform the map, making it feel less pristine and more ready for war. A feeling enhanced during gameplay as the new military fortifications support destruction to greater extent than the original map design.

The Solar Station 1
The Solar Station remains the initial attack location in Breakthrough, only now it is heavily protected by huge concrete barriers, sturdy sandbags, shipping containers, and the large warehouses are perfect for hiding from air vehicles.

The Solar Station 2
Attacker vehicles will be crucial in helping in breaking down defenses. But be careful, enough stray shells can ignite a firestorm at this capture point.

Desert Terrain 1
The Terrain in Renewal has also been heavily reworked with a focus on providing clear infantry and vehicle paths and offering infantry better line of sight breakers and cover. When looking at our telemetry we could see that players did not move through the intended lanes across the desert terrain. The changes we made provide clearer paths for both infantry and vehicles.

Battery Farm
The Battery Farm has had a simplification pass and now promotes more predictable fighting lanes and lines of sight. Additional cover has also been placed, but you should remain wary of skybound threats.

Check Point – Green side
The check point on the farm side is now heavily fortified. Attackers will be able to use the new cover to slowly work their way to their new objectives. Vehicles can be a threat to these defenses, but the plethora of cover means C5 may always lurk around the corner.

Approach to Synseco Building 1
The approach to the Synseco building is now heavily fortified, offering vital cover to attackers. But cover alone here will not be enough to succeed, attackers must push through quickly.

Approach to Synseco Building 2
The central road that connects the checkpoint to the Synseco building is now the fortified spine of the map.

Interior Synseco Capture Point 1
Interiors of the Synseco building are no longer pristine. Instead they are storage areas for the defenders, their ammo crates and storage units making great cover for close quarters combat.

Interior Synseco Hallway
Lines of sight in the hallways are now broken by sandbags and ammo crates, making these spaces viable defense points. Sandbags against windows offer some protection against enemy snipers, but also make for a great nest for you to return some marksmen fire of your own.

Synseco Foyer
The first front line in the crucial building, defenders now have the luxury of sturdy defences, forcing attackers to think twice about using the front door.

Polaris RZR
Battlefield 2042 Polaris RZR

Fast and fun. The Polaris RZR is now available on the Battlefield as an in-world vehicle. Jump into this lightweight buggy with a teammate and zip across the Battlefield, surprising enemy infantry or gaining new, tactical positions.

3 Battlefield Portal iconic weapons from the Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2 era are now available in the All-Out Warfare arsenal. You’ll unlock these Vault Weapons at your own pace via the new Assignment system.

P90 – Battlefield 3
A compact and capable weapon system firing 5.7x28mm armor-piercing rounds. It has three forward rails for a wide array of attachments. Comes with a 50 round magazine.

GOL Sniper Magnum – Bad Company 2
This German bolt action rifle provides exceptional performance and standoff capability. Its long range and accuracy makes it a great choice for special forces and counter terrorist units.

M1911 – Bad Company 2
Modified version of the classic .45 caliber sidearm for Allied forces. Seven round magazine.

Fixed an issue preventing the Weekly Missions list from being scrolled during End of Round
Collection – Fixed an issue where the wrong input icon is displayed when equipping vehicle customizations
Statistics – Fixed an issue that could cause the accuracy stat to reach a value above 100%
Fixed an alignment issue related to HUD notifications on wide screen monitors
Fixed a scaling issue related to HUD notifications
Fixes an issue that could cause a black screen after leaving a game that was close to the End of Round
Fixed an issue that could cause the Introduction Video to play when booting the title into fullscreen and directly pressing Alt + Enter to go into windowed mode
Resolved instances where visual artifacts could appear on screen while matchmaking into a new server on the Exodus Conquest playlist
Fixed instances where binding a secondary input to mouse buttons did not work
The sorting arrow is now pointed correctly for the Players section in the Battlefield Portal Browse tab

Battlefield Portal
Multiple fixes and adjustments have been made to resolve issues with assets and collision across classic era maps

Added Crawford, Stranded, Season 2 Weapons, and Vehicles to Rules Editor selection lists
Added Audio Asset Library
Added World Icons Asset Library
Added RemovePlayerInventoryAtSlot block to Rules Editor
Added RemovePlayerInventory block to Rules Editor
Added EnableFastTicketBleed block to Rules Editor
Added OnPlayerExitCapturePoint block to Rules Editor
Added OnPlayerEnterCapturePoint block to Rules Editor
Added OnCapturePointNeutralizing block to Rules Editor
Added SetCapturePointOwnership to Rules Editor
Added EnableCaptureHQ block to Rules Editor
Added CapturePointCapturingTime to Rules Editor
Added CapturePointNeutralizationTime to Rules Editor
Added SetNeutralizationMultiplier block to Rules Editor
Improved error messages to clarify parameter type mismatches for some blocks

Added Modifiers for Hiding Crosshair (also affects vehicles)

Fixed Incorrect Zoom levels when using SOFLAM


Resolved silo damage effects stopping when the silo was queued for destruction
You’ll no longer see foot on snow VFX inside the heli during the insertion sequence

Fixed issue an issue where the terrain around the base of the walkway ship rail could be destroyed enough to make it float

Fixed bullet decals not looking realistic on a painting in the C3 sector
Fixed bullet tracers from the MD540 Nightbird’s Minigun that disappeared when firing on certain assets
Fixed a fire extinguisher that was floating after the wall was destroyed
Fixed a LOD (Level of Detail) issue on wall near stairs in sector E2
Fixed an issue where players could enter unintended areas above the D1 flag room and shoot unaware enemies because of assets with missing collisions

Fixed an audio issue where walking over the outdoor bins at the western side of B1 was inappropriately triggering dirt sound

Fixed an issue preventing AI from using the ladder between capture points B2 and D1
Fixed a LOD issue present on the plaza foundation planters found across the map

Fixed an issue where the carports were shaking at the opening animation
Fixed an issue where the dumpster had audio material set to dirt
Fixed an issue where the rocket from rocket launchers would go through the map when shot beneath the soldier while standing on the ramp from crawler way

Fixed an issue in the Research Facility where players would be able to clip platforms and see through the assets while the head would be visible to others on the other side
Fixed an issue where players would clip with the ceiling and see through parts of the building when climbing on the lab barrels placed in corners
Fixed issue where players would clip with the sewers ceiling and see through the building when placed on the propane tank
Fixed an issue causing player camera clipping while vaulting on top of the pump station
Fixed issue with grenades thrown near the wall of the small lab that could pass through the terrain
Fixed an issue where the Breakthrough insertion helicopter landed out of bounds on attacker side
Fixed an issue where terrain clipped through the concrete canal
Fixed issue where front desks inside the Synseco building had LOD issues
Fixed increased shadow issue on both sides of the stairs that leads to the Research Facility
Fixed LOD issues present on the warehouse shelves found inside the research facility building
Fixed LOD issues present for the material around the windows at the ground floor in the Research Facility
Fixed sharp black shadow present on the edge of the bridge leading to the Research Facility
Fixed uneven and sharp lighting on the walls inside the Research Facility
Fixed an issue where after destroying the vegetation on the vab foundation where the revealed terrain looked unnatural and stretched
Fixed LOD issue on concrete cover while in destroyed state
Fixed issue where shadows were too dark in multiple areas of the map
Fixed missing wall mesh in some locations
Fixed LOD issue present on the planters found across the level
Fixed flashing and disappearing lights and shadows on a wall in the Research Facility

Fixed issue where a LATV4 Recon partially caught in the hatch would take damage overtime
Fixed issue where vehicles would stutter on the hatches during opening
Fixed issue where players would stutter while standing on the rotating platform in the showroom
Fixed issue where an extended occluder was visible when the player is prone near the right margin on the front deck
Fixed an issue in sector C1 where an occluder was visible when the player is prone on the ship’s margin near the zip-line going to B1 and looking towards the antenna
Fixed an issue on sector C2 where there was intense flashing in one of the marketplace corridors
Fixed issue with flickering visible in the backdrop from deploy screen
Fixed issue where G-84 TGM would get stuck when shot in to E1 control tower
Fixed issue with inconsistent metrics where the player could not walk through 12 out of the 36 gaps made between the metal beams and the containers on top of the ship
Fixed issue where player received damage until dead when jumping on top of a moving platform

Improved input polling to reduce aiming input latency.

Players who previously observed mouse input lag during gameplay should feel an improvement with this game update. Please continue sharing your feedback about your experience with us once you’ve been able to play.

Fixed an issue that caused Overexposed lights on Soldier uniforms (IFF)
Fixed an issue where Repair VFX is still present for a short time after the user enters the vehicle
Fixed an issue where the character stance did not reset when entering/exiting vehicles
Fixed an issue where there grenade cooking animation was missing
Fixed an issue with the Large Impact Sound incorrectly being played when attaching C5 to vehicles
Fixed issues animations missing when throwing any grenade
Fixed issues with inconsistent face wrinkles on several characters. A proper skincare routine is important to compliment the active lifestyle of being on the Battlefield
Fixed an issue where Soldiers were visible for a second before spawning on the Spawn Beacon
Grenade throw animation should now play correctly
Fixed issue with Incorrect world log messages when repairing an air vehicle from the passenger seat
The Combat Hammer has should now have a hit indicator when striking a target
Sundance’s landing animation with the Wingsuit has been improved. It’s no longer causes jumpy behaviour
Fixed unintended behaviour for Soldier physics animations while in deep terrain craters
Improved prone behaviour in craters and on ledges
A temporary Soldier movement speed has been added when performing stance changes
A short cooldown has been added to prevent standing / prone stance change spam
Fixed a camera snapping issue when starting a slide
Improved hit detection from shots fired by soldiers while in moving and in open vehicle seats
A prone soldier is no longer able to push other prone soldiers around
Introduced new player collision behaviour for friendly Soldiers to help prevent body blocking in tight spaces. Friendly Soldiers that are moving will now be able to move through other Soldiers but will be pushed away whenever they stop moving to prevent clipping


Fixed an issue that caused the SG-36 Sentry Gun to sometimes shoot enemy players through smoke
Fixed an issue with the SG-36 Sentry Gun is floating after being deployed
Fixed an issue where the turret deploy sound is delayed when deploying SG-36 Sentry Gun with Boris

Fixed an issue where the OV-P Recon Drone flies in circles after getting pushed by another player
Fixed a bug where Slow vehicles could not destroy the OV-P Recon Drone by ramming it or running over it
Fixed issues with Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone tooltips showing as unassigned when unbinding Crouch Hold Keybind

Fixed an issue where the Mounted Vulcan could be seen in the character hands when picking up the gadget
Fixed an issue with EMP VFX not being present on the Mounted Vulcan while under the EMP effect
Fixed an issue with Mounted Vulcan shield not being displayed correctly when destroyed

Fixed an issue where APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel did not not block M320 LVG and M26 Mass Frag attachment grenades
The legs on the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel now have proper shadows

Fixed an issue Audio hit cue/indicator triggered on Lis’s rocket when hitting nothing
Fixed an issue G-84 TGM gets a hit marker but 0 damage is dealt to the enemy Soldier

Fixed an issue where Rao signal hacker pulse was missing
Fixed an issue where Rao spotted any enemy that destroyed equipment nearby


Fixed an issue that would prevent jets from visually updating when viewed from a distance.
Hands are now correctly aligned on the 4×4 Utility steering wheel as soon as you enter the vehicle.
Minor tweaks to make exhausts look less odd in vehicle elevators. They were very exhausting.
The audio SFX from Stealth Helicopter bombs no longer persist after being fired.
The countermeasure prompt for vehicles is now only visible for the driver/pilot
The Gunner VE has been removed during spawn, now only showing when you are in the gunner position.
Updated the Air-to-Ground Missile crosshairs on jets to display the lock on crosshair
You will no longer hear the “In Stealth” target blocked audio when looking at a Stealth Helicopter with active dual 30mm Cannon Pods
The HEAT Shell has been renamed to HE Shell to better reflect its intended use as anti-infantry

Aligned the EBLC-RAM Turret so it now sits snugly on the main body.
The countermeasure prompt is now correctly displayed for the EBLC-RAM.
Fixed an issue causing the EBLC-Ram Active Protection System ability to detonate Lis’ Guided missile from further away than intended.
Fixed an issue that caused the crosshair to be shown when deploying the vehicle insertion beacon.
Fixed an issue that caused the EBLC-Ram Active Protection System ability to appear to shoot down Lis’ Guided Missile in the wrong direction.
Fixed issue that caused the EBLC-RAM Spawn Beacon to not attach correctly to moving objects.
Placing the EBLC-RAM’s Team Insertion Beacon in an invalid area will no longer spawn the Beacon in the last location it was placed.
The EBLC-RAM now has working lights within the Collection screens.
When exiting the EBLC-RAM with the Team Insertion Beacon Deploy ability active, you will now automatically switch back to the previously equipped weapon.

Vehicles – 60mm Flak Weapon Pod
The 60mm Flak Weapon Pod was underperforming against air vehicles so we have increased its effectiveness. Alongside that change we have also reduced its damage toward infantry to further solidify its purpose.

Velocity has been increased from 150 -> 250
Detonation delay decreased from 0.15 -> 0.02
Vehicle detonation radius decreased from 10 -> 2
Damage multiplier to infantry reduced 0.47 -> 0.05
An issue has been resolved that caused the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod to unintentionally damage infantry when damaging vehicles

AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Super Hokum
We have observed that Stealth Helicopters have become the dominant Air Vehicle of choice since their introduction in Season 1. In Update 2.1, we are making several balance adjustments to the AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Super Hokum to ensure all Helicopters have a dedicated purpose on the Battlefield. As a result, we’re increasing their anti-vehicle effectiveness.

127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack velocity has been increased
127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack damage has been increased from 100 -> 130
127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack is now more accurately in shorter ranges
127mm Anti-Vehicle Rocket Pack Replenish rate has been lowered 1.3 -> 2
30mm Cannon Gunner Rate of Fire has been lowered 350 -> 200
30mm Cannon Velocity has been increased
30mm Cannon Gunner Damage Start Damage increased 18 -> 40
30mm Cannon Gunner Damage End Damage increased 8 -> 25
30mm Cannon Blast Damage increased from 18 -> 20
30mm Cannon Overheat has been increased

MD540 Nightbird – Mounted 7.62mm Miniguns
We are updating the miniguns to ensure they remain powerful when actively managed, while reducing their effectiveness during continuous fire.

Minigun Wind Up Time has been lowered
Minigun Wind Down Time has been increased
Overall Dispersion has been lowered
Overheat has been increased

MV38-Condor / Mi-240 Super Hind – 7.62mm Minigun Pod
We have observed the Transport Helicopter 7.62mm Minigun Pod was mainly used for long range combat. We are making several balance adjustments to ensure its focus remains on intended defensive and close range use. It’s now more accurate, but with an overall decreased damage output and range while also overheating faster.

Damage fall-Off Starting Distance has been lowered from 350 -> 150
Damage Fall-Off End Distance has been lowered from 1000 -> 300
Dispersion has been lowered
Wind Up Time has been lowered
Wind Down Time has been increased
Overheat has been increased


Fixed an issue that caused AM40 and Avancys bullets to be registered as SMG bullets.
The AM40 Standard Issue Ammo now correctly displays the intended magazine count of 20.
The AM40 and Avancys can no longer be used underwater.
Adjusted deploy delays for Vault Weapons to ensure a smoother experience.
Fixed a bug where picking up the DM7 from the ground would show incorrect weapon icon.
Fixed an issue that caused the M11 scope on the BSV-M to not have the correct display.
Fixed an issue that was causing unwanted behavior on underbarrel ammo.
Fixed an issue that would cause the Avancys to display the wrong LOD when another player zoomed in on you.
Fixed an issue where the PF51 would shake when firing after switching from and to primary.
Fixed the suppressor muzzle flash being visible in front of the BSV-M when using certain scopes.
Missing hints for underbarrel attachments have been located.
Reload no longer sometimes go missing on the the SWS-10 when low on ammo.
SFX have been improved for Laser Sights.
The Ghostmaker R10’s attachments are now displayed on Kill Cards.
The PF51 now shows the correct Magazine size in the Collection screens.
The Target 8T scope now has the correct icon on the Avancys.