Battlefield 2042 Dark Creations

Battlefield 2042 Dark Creations

Grab your squad and embrace your fears in the claustrophobic close-quarters battles of Season 6: Battlefield 2042 Dark Creations.

Master any obstacle with new gear including the VHX-D3 AR and throwable Ammo and Medical Pouches as you seek out the enemy lurking in the darkness of a secret Scottish facility.

Season 6 Battle Pass
Play through 100 tiers in the Season 6 Battle Pass to unlock Free** and Premium*** content including new weapons, gadgets, and XP boosters. Blend into the shadows with outfits tailor-made for the season and unlock skins to make your weapons look just as sharp. All gameplay-affecting items in Battlefield 2042 are free and earnable for all players.

New Map: Redacted
Discover a secret underground Scottish facility, dripping with tension and close quarters mayhem. The tight, contained corridors make for claustrophobic, infantry-only firefights. Fans of Battlefield classics like Operation Locker and Operation Metro will feel right at home as they overcome their fears within the biodomes and laboratories.

Master any obstacle with the new VHX-D3 AR, the L9CZ Sidearm, and the G428 DMR.

When the fear of defeat creeps in, the new throwable Ammo and Medical Pouches will aid your survival. Support your squad mates by chucking them pouches that will let them replenish their ammo or health. Make good use of this lifeline in the close-quarters mayhem.