Battlefield 2042 Update 6.1.0 - Dark Protocol

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol – Update 6.1.0

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol Update 6.1.0 deploys on all platforms next week to further enhance your experience. Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol is a Limited Time Event and takes place October 31 – November 14*.

In Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol get ready for tight, claustrophobic close-quarters combat, with a twist, where new and unexpected threats lurk around every corner.

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol Event

Areas of Improvement

Improved End of Round Screen
With Update 6.1 you will now find a new and improved End of Round Screen aimed at further emphasizing the beneficial actions of Squad Play. There will now be a “Best Squad” screen which highlights the most efficient Squad for that particular match, alongside the main vehicle that the squad used.

Alongside this, you will continue to see your own squad and the contributions that you’ve made towards the match.

EMKV90-TOR Improvements
Update 6.0 had introduced some of our changes taking place around the EMKV90-TOR, which were aimed at addressing its anti-vehicle capabilities at considerable ranges.

Update 6.1 delivers the second portion of this package aimed at further enhancing and improving the role of the EMKV90-TOR. This second portion will include a series of weapons and changes that will allow this vehicle to handle close range combat if you choose to modify your Vehicle Loadout to suit a more aggressive approach.

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol


AI, Soldier and General Improvements
Fixed an issue where the camera would snap to a certain position when reloading in open vehicle passenger seats and exiting the vehicle at the same time.
Fixed an issue causing incorrect voicelines to be played when changing Specialists during the pre round phase.
Fixed an issue where the vehicle deploy option was present despite there being no vehicles on the map.
Fixed missing audio before and after holding breath with Sniper Rifles.
Fixed an audio issue causing Heavy Suppressor SFX to not play correctly when changing fire modes.

Maps and Modes

Redacted Map
Players will no longer be able to get on top of the incinerators on Flag A to ensure fairer capturing opportunities.
Fixed an issue where Ammo and Medical Crates would clip through certain objects.
Fixed an issue where players could become stuck behind some objects.
Fixed Out of Bounds scenarios within the Biodome.
Fixed instances where shadows may appear incorrectly on Flag A, and going from Flag A to Flag B.

Breakaway Map
Fixed an issue with fire effects around the silos on Breakaway.

Valparaiso Map
Fixed an issue where trees were indestructible by Air Vehicles.

Gadgets & Specialists
Fixed an issue with EOD Bot falling through Redacted in some areas.
Fixed an issue which caused Specialists not transitioning from climb state to fall state correctly.
Paik’s EMG-X Scanner will no longer trigger when using certain vehicles.
Improved an issue where explosions could get through obstacles in the presence of smoke.
Fixed an issue causing G84-TGM cooldown not progressing if the user controls the EOD Bot after firing a missile.
The OV-P Recon Drone should now have cooldowns when destroyed by an EMP Grenade or EMP Burst

Increased the first person perspective free-look sensitivity for Jets based on player feedback regarding it being too slow.
The Penguins have been tampering with the manufacturing processes of Light Air Vehicles, with the MD540 Nightbird, Jets and Stealth Heli’s now vulnerable to standard bullets.
Guided Shell on Battlefield™ Portal tanks will no longer fire before the weapon is locked.
Tanks should no longer be able to climb very steep angles.
UH-60 (BF3) passengers will no longer face in the opposite direction in third person perspective while shooting.
Fixed an issue where the UAV keybinding would show as “unassigned”.
Controller input should no longer be displayed for already selected weapons.
UAV – Laser Guided Missile kills will now correctly appear within the XP log.

MD540 Nightbird
Minimum damage for the minigun is lowered from 10 to 8.
Minigun damage drop off will now start at 100, reduced from 150.
Minigun damage drop off will now end at 250, reduced from 300.

Dev Comment: We have introduced these changes to ensure that the MD540 Nightbird is most efficient in its intended combat range, which is close to medium. We do not expect drastic performance alterations with these changes, however players can expect to be less efficient when taking on targets out of the intended range.

Gunner Seat will now have 20mm Shotgun, 40mm Grenade Launcher and 7.62 Miniguns available for selection as loadout options.
A unique, close range coaxial canister weapon with a high rate of fire will now be available for use by drivers of the EMKV90-TOR.
Both main weapons of the EMKV90-TOR will now have increased turret speed.

Fixed an issue that could cause Ghostmaker R10 bolts to despawn too early during flight.
Fixed an issue that caused the crosshair to still sometimes drift from the center of the screen during recoil on MP28 and MP443.
Armor Piercing bullets on Avancys had the wrong headshot multiplier (2.1x), it will now have the same as other LMG bullets (2x)
A variety of minor UI improvements have been made to the Collection Screen for weapons.
Various fixes to firing, reload, and other weapon-related animations.
Fixed instances where using Subsonic Ammo wouldn’t reduce muzzle flash correctly when used in conjunction with some barrel attachments.
Fixed various cases of incorrect textures being used in certain magazines.
Fixed cases of clipping when using the M11 scope and firing the Masterkey attachment on the M5A3 or AK-24.
Fixed cases of clipping when using the Fusion Holo sight on the PF51.
Fixed an issue on the RM68 that could cause the pros and cons fields on the Loadout Screen of the default barrel attachment to be applied on other barrel attachments when equipped to the weapon.
Fixed the location of smoke VFX when using the PB Heavy Suppressor on a K30.
Fixed the ADS walking speed on the RPT-31, which was slower than on other LMGs.
Fixed the “Toggle Scope” UI hint appearing on screen when using scopes without that function.
Fixed an issue that could cause dispersion on the PP-29 to be lower while moving than when stationary.
Minor rework of AEK-971 handling. Recoil now resets faster, has different multipliers for the first shots in a burst and has an improved recoil camera behaviour.
Overall GEW-46 accuracy has been reduced by 5%, which should only be noticeable at longer ranges.

ACW-R damage curve has been tweaked slightly and will now be as follows:
0 – 15 meters: 28 damage
(Previously: 0-30 meters: 28 damage)
15 – 20 meters: 26 damage
20 – 70 meters: 22 damage
(Previously: 30-75 meters: 22 damage)
70+ meters: 18 damage

Fixed missing suppressor icons on BSV-M and SWS-10.
Fixed missing pro and cons statistic fields for M1911 reload speed.
Fixed an issue causing NVK-S22 to appear with a blue tint.
Fixed an issue where subsonics do not use suppressed muzzle flash when using muzzle brakes and suppressors.
Fixed various names of default and extended magazines for Vault Weapons.
Fixed several laser and flashlight icons missing the type icon on Vault Weapons.
Fixed an issue with laser underbarrel icon not updating when deployed.
Fixed missing attachment descriptions for MP443, MP412 Rex and M1911.
Fixed an issue that referred to the magazine of the Gewehr 43 as a stripper clip
Fixed an issue that caused the magazine size of the Gewehr 43 to show as 10 instead of 5.
Fixed an issue where the MP443 produced a recoil effect where it looked like suppressors were misaligned.