Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive: DICE invite you on the Battlefield for a new special in-game event between July 11 until July 25 @12PM UTC.

During the event you’ll play as the Arkangel Legion faction, a private military arm of the Arkangel Corporation. It’s a neutral enterprise at the service of all nations, invested in the betterment of humanity through the application of robotics and AI technologies.

With both superpowers licking their wounds after nearly a decade of war, the Arkangel Legion is in high demand – on both sides of the conflict.

With the financial backing of the wealthiest corporation in the world, the Arkangel Legion’s soldiers are the best of the best, with access to the most advanced technologies available.

Lethal doesn’t begin to describe them – part of every Arkangel Legion contract is the guarantee of victory.

Take Control

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Directive Event

Under the Ascension satellite network, the elite Arkangel Legion can break any deadlock. In Control, take and hold rotating objectives to upload tactical telemetry. Collect the most telemetry to command the region, and earn Ascension Points to purchase vehicles.

Execute the Directive. Take Control.

Control is played as 24v24 across Reclaimed, Orbital, Valparaiso and your goal is to collect telemetry data to upload to the Arkangel Satellite.

Claim satellites – Unsynced satellites around the map will align with the sensors your squad carries. Get in range of an active satellite to claim it for your side and begin the sync. Multiple control points (objectives) may become available at once, and hostiles can try and stake their own claim at any time.

Sync telemetry – Guarding your control points is key. Defend your occupied satellites until telemetry has finished uploading. When each round of uploads is complete, another free satellite will appear. The more telemetry you sync, the better your score.

Earn combat vehicles – Arkangel will reward high performers in combat with Ascension Points. Spend these points to call-in vehicle hot drops and change the tide of battle. The more you save, the more powerful vehicles you can request.

As the battle progresses, less and less objectives will be introduced leading you to clash with the opposing team in a final epic battle in the center of the map. It’s all about control.

The Spoils

New rewards are available to earn, claim and purchase while you battle it out as the Arkangel Legion.

Earn Ribbons by playing Control to unlock unique gameplay rewards available during the Arkangel Directive event, alongside new purchasable store bundles.

Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Gameplay Rewards - Week 1
Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Gameplay Rewards – Week 1
1 Rare background “Paradigm Shift”
1 Epic Charm “Final Sleep”
1 Epic Weapon Skin “Force Fusion”.
Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Gameplay Rewards - Week 2
Battlefield 2042 Arkangel Gameplay Rewards – Week 2
1 Rare background “Expendable”
1 Epic Headgear “Interneural”
1 Epic Weapon Skin “Binary Charge”