Battlefield 3 Boot Camp: Engineer Class

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp: Engineer Class

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp: Engineer Class. Taking Out Vehicles – On this week’s Battlefield Boot Camp Toby Connolly talks about taking out vehicles with the Engineer.

The Engineer class offers a number of tools for disabling enemy vehicles and restoring allies. Find a load out that works for you, but don’t be afraid to alter things depending on the map choice or enemy tactics.

Deploying Anti-Tank mines in hidden locations is always advised as they last the duration of the battle, though a well-placed RPG round in the rear of a tank is just as effective. Similar weapons such as the SMAW and Javelin are equally effective against aircraft, particularly when the enemy has wasted their countermeasures.

Riding shotgun with a tank can allow you to provide extra firepower by hopping out and firing whilst the tank is reloading. Teaming up also allows you to use your repair tool to keep a vehicle in fighting shape, even when in passenger choppers such as the Huey or Little Bird.

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