Battlefield 2042 Leviathan Rising

Battlefield 2042 Leviathan Rising

Battlefield 2042 Leviathan Rising: Strike down hostile forces as Leviathan Division in The Leviathan Rising Event between April 11-25. The Leviathan Rising event will also feature missions and exclusive weekly rewards.

DICE invite you to join them on the Battlefield for a all new special in-game event between April 11 @ 12:00 UTC until April 25 @ 12:00 UTC*.

Work as one unit and operate with confidence, and dominate your enemy in two rounds to claim victory:
Attack, Plant & Protect – Infiltrate enemy objectives & plant the Lances; a new mode objective in Shutdown, protect them, and score as many points as possible.
Defend, Locate & Disable – Locate and eliminate Lance Carriers, prevent their dropped Lances from being picked up, and defuse any that do get planted, with prejudice.

Master these objectives, and you’ll be unstoppable. Class-play is imperative in this 8v8 small-scale infantry focused experience. No one gets left behind. Make every move count. Your squad depends on it.

Shutdown features new mechanics allowing you new ways to experience Battlefield:

Play the Objective – The Lance: The ESA-500 Lance is a portable microwave device that fries data drives in a limited radius. Attackers can plant it where they choose inside predefined objective areas populated with crates full of said data drives, scoring points as long as the Lance stays alive, and culminating in a shutdown. Defenders on the other hand, can disable it with a short timed interaction. Playing it smart, and outwitting your enemy is key to Shutdown. Plant the Lance in the open and bait your enemy, hide it in a corner, protect it with your gadgets and throwables, or find an approach of your own, the choice is yours.
Shut it down: When a planted Lance scores enough points in an objective, it results in a shutdown of the objective and fully removes it from the map. Expect pure chaos as you start clearing more objectives and are forced closer and closer together with the enemy team.
Secure Victory: You’ll play a round as both Attacker, and Defender. When the first round ends, you will switch sides and redeploy. You’ll secure victory by scoring the most points as the Attacking side while you battle it out within these fast-paced matches.

You’ll play Shutdown with smaller layouts on Manifest, Exposure, Stranded, and Flashpoint.

Battlefield 2042 Flashpoint Small Layout

The Spoils
New rewards are available to earn, claim and purchase while you battle against hostile forces as the Leviathan Division.

Earn Ribbons by playing Shutdown to unlock the unique gameplay rewards available during the Leviathan Rising event. The Store will also have free bundles for you to claim, as well as 3 new bundles for purchase.

Gameplay Rewards – Week 1
15 Ribbons – Epic “Contagion” Weapon Charm
40 Ribbons – Epic “Kilobyte” Weapon Skin for the AK-24
75 Ribbons – Epic “Code Execution” Specialist Set for Paik

Gameplay Rewards – Week 2
15 Ribbons – Epic “Marked for Death” Weapon Charm
40 Ribbons – Rare “Domain Authority” Vehicle Skin for the AH-64GX Apache Warchief
75 Ribbons – Epic “Denial of Service” Specialist Set for Casper

Free Store Items
Week 1 – Rare “Leviathan Division” Weapon Charm
Week 2 – Rare “Activation” Weapon Skin for the AM40

Week 1 / 2 – Activation Store Bundle – 2400 Battlefield Coins
Legendary “Bootkit” Specialist Set for Angel
Epic “Brute Force” Weapon Skin for the Avancys
Rare “Download” Vehicle Skin for the EBLC-Ram
Epic “Trial by Fire” Player Card Background
Legendary “Terminal Access” Weapon Skin for the M5A3
Epic “Fantasma” Headgear for Blasco
Rare “Shattered Visage I” Player Card Background

Week 1 / 2 – Deactivated Store Bundle – 1400 Battlefield Coins
Epic “Mastermind” Specialist Set for Irish
Epic “Encrypted” Weapon Skin for the AM40
Epic “Cloud Broker” Vehicle Skin for the RAH-68 Huron
Rare “Alias” Weapon Skin for the M44
Rare “Hacked” Player Card Tag
Rare 1-hour XP Booster

Week 2 – Epic Override Store Bundle – 1400 Battlefield Coins
Epic “Cybergeddon” Specialist Set for Dozer
Epic “Saboteur” Weapon Skin for the SFAR-M GL
Epic “Solid-State” Vehicle Skin for the M1A5
Epic “Eraser” Weapon Skin for the SWS-10
Rare “Hijacker” Weapon Charm

General Tips:
Use smokes. They can hide Lances, Lance Carriers, and Lance defusers.
Shut down vulnerable objectives. You’ll receive a large bonus by draining them of all their points. Shift focus towards objectives with fewer points remaining.
Mirror the enemy. You’ll play each game of Shutdown as both Attacker and Defender. Any dominant strategy you see from the enemy team can be used against them in the next round.

Get Creative. The Lance can be planted anywhere. Your creativity and the bounds of the objective area are your only limit. Use your gadgets and equipment strategically.
Play your Class. With the return to the Class System, each Class now has a distinct role to play. Your allies will need you at your best for revives, resupplies, forward spawning, information gathering, and infiltration. Adapt to the match, and try new things.

Guard dropped Lances. When a Lance shuts down an objective, or when a Lance carrier is killed, the Lance remains in play for 60 seconds before resetting and respawning at the Attackers HQ. Prevent retrieval by any means necessary.
Learn the layouts. Attackers will use predictable paths to approach objectives. Learn these, set up ambushes, and attackers on the objective won’t be a problem.