Battlefield 2042 Technical

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.3.0

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.3.0 brings: A Look Ahead for the Year of the Dragon Event, Squad Spectator Modifier for Battlefield™ Portal that allows for “One Life” or “Tactical Squad” Custom Experiences. Personal Player Color Identifier Improvements and more. Squad Spectator Modifier for Battlefield Portal You will now have the ability to enable Squad Spectating within […]

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Battlefield 2042 Technical

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1: On January 16th we’ll be rolling out a small Update (hotfix) aimed at resolving some immediate issues. We’ll follow-up with more substantial changes towards the end of January. This Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1 announcement may change as DICE listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & […]

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Battlefield 2042 Technical

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2 is scheduled to release in the coming week and here is an overview of everything that’s new as part of this update. We’ve summarized the biggest changes for you here: MCS-880, G428, VHX weapon balance changes, Suppressors & Subsonic Ammo balance changes, Air vehicle aiming improvements such as computed impact points, […]

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Battlefield 2042 Videos Battlefield 2042 Technical

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol –

Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol Update 6.1.0 deploys on all platforms next week to further enhance your experience. Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol is a Limited Time Event and takes place October 31 – November 14*. In Battlefield 2042 Dark Protocol get ready for tight, claustrophobic close-quarters combat, with a twist, where new and unexpected threats lurk […]

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Below are some of the latest Battlefield 2042 videos official and unofficial. In our Battlefield video section you can find more videos for all Battlefield games from Battlefield 1942 all the way up to Battlefield 2042.

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Battlefield 3 Video - Image Battlefield 3 Aftermath

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Talah Market Overview

This week, an overview of Battlefield 3 Talah Market from the Battlefield Aftermath DLC. Whilst all four maps in Aftermath are themed around the same concept of a post-earthquake environment, they all play differently. Team play is always at the forefront when designing maps at the DICE studio, and Talah Market internally nicknamed simply “Marketplace” […]

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Battlefield 3 Aftermath: Scavenger Mode

Battlefield 3 Scavenger Mode: I have put this small video together to show the people who cannot yet play Battlefield 3 Aftermath. This is the new mode scavenger mode which is awesome i love it! The first part has Ts3 audio and the second part has an epic dramatic sound track so enjoy. Voices in […]

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Battlefield 2142 Legacy Event

Official Battlefield 2142 Legacy Event. Play classic Battlefield games with friends, revisit your favourite Battlefield memories, and rekindle rivalries! This weekend we’re going back to the future in.