Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1 [HOTFIX]

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1: On January 16th we’ll be rolling out a small Update (hotfix) aimed at resolving some immediate issues. We’ll follow-up with more substantial changes towards the end of January.

This Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1 announcement may change as DICE listen to community feedback and continue developing and evolving our Live Service & Content. We will always strive to keep our community as informed and updated as much as possible.

Battlefield 2042 Update 6.2.1 Changelog
The YUV-2 Pondhawk is now available from the Light Ground Transport Vehicle list for Custom Conquest, Air Superiority and Ground Superiority Custom Experiences in Battlefield Portal.
The YUV-2 Pondhawk should no longer spawn under the map when deploying on it within Breakthrough > Flashpoint as the attacking side, during the final sector.
Attachments for the RM68 will now correctly display the Charon Weapon Skin colors rather than appear as factory standard items.
Soldiers will now be able to successfully spawn on Capture Point A4 whilst it is being contested by the enemy team on Control > Breakaway.
Fixed an issue on F-35E Panther changing its flying characteristics after activating VTOL while using mouse and keyboard peripherals.
F-35E Panther and SU-57 Felon should now have similar flight sensitivity while using mouse and keyboard peripherals.
Further improvements have been made to sticky input while using mouse and keyboard peripherals.

Dev Comment: This will make triggering sticky input quicker and easier especially for default settings, allowing players to do loops without constantly dragging their mouse across the mousepad. Players will still need to provide aggressive input in order to initially trigger this maneuver.

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