Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter

Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter

An all new mode is arriving for the new Battlefield Hardline expansion pack “Criminal Activity” named “Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter”.

This mode is intense and infantry focused. Although simple this mode provides some unique team and individual strategy. In Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity, we are introducing a new mode titled, “Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter”. Bounty Hunter is a high intensity infantry focused mode that pits the teams in a war to collect the other team’s bounty coins.

When a player is taken out a team-colored coin is dropped in the world by their body. When an enemy coin is collected it is added to your team’s score. Friendly coins can be collected to deny the enemy the ability to score your team’s coin. The first team to collect enough enemy coins to hit the limit wins the match.

Although simple at its core, this mode provides some unique team and individual strategy.

It is imperative to stay with your team to prevent the enemy from securing coins from fallen teammates. The best strategies are to move as a unit, bringing ammo, health, and area denial grenades like gas and molotovs. Keep your teammates healthy, well supplied, and prevent the enemy from getting their hands on your bounties.

Use the lure of coins to your advantage. Leave a coin in the open and wait in ambush for an unsuspecting enemy player. Be aware of the enemy using the same tactic. Think twice before darting into the middle of the open to collect a coin, you may just become an easy point for the opposing team.

The size and scope of maps offered in Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity allow for a variety of play styles and provide an excellent playground for this new mode. In Black Friday, set in a Miami shopping mall, tight hallways and focused choke points provide excellent routes for run-and-gun players.

Code Blue and The Beat, offer a blend of close quarters and medium range engagements that complement the new selection of battle rifles. Add an Angled Foregrip and a 4x Optic and you’re ready dominate at longer ranges in the hills of Backwoods. Just make sure you bring ammo, Bounty Hunting season is open.