Battlefield 2042 Eleventh Hour

Battlefield 2042 Eleventh Hour

Battlefield 2042 Eleventh Hour: Be a class above on an arid, rocky South African battlefield ideal for close-quarters mayhem. Deploy as Recon Specialist Blasco, get your squad into the fray with the new CAV-Brawler, and bring the compact, stockless Super 500 into battle.

In Battlefield 2042 Eleventh Hour Dominate close quarters with the compact Super 500 Shotgun Sidearm and the next-gen RM68 Assault Rifle. Deliver fast hip-fire with the AC9 SMG and wreak havoc with the heavy-hitting RPT-31 LMG.

Pilot the CAV-Brawler, an IFV-type vehicle that provides ample protection for the soldiers within. Use this manoeuvrable vehicle as a team spawner and allow allies to get into battle right next to it – even when full.


Battlefield 2042 Camila Blasco
Camila Blasco is an ambush expert who uses her recon training and tactical gear to move through the landscape without alerting any motion-based technology.


Battlefield 2042 Flash Point Map
Take the fight to South Africa on a map that promises up-close and personal combat.

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