Battlefield 2042 Specialists Overview

Battlefield 2042 Specialists Overview

This latest video is supposed to be a Battlefield 2042 Specialists Overview showing some of the main strengths and abilities of each character.

For some reason the EA Marketing team for Battlefield 2042 has it in their heads that giving us hardly any information at all about this game is a good thing? Well guess what? It’s NOT!

DICE have been going on about wanting to keep this game a secret for a long time which is fair enough but with the release date closing in we are still waiting and wanting a lot more details and information. The laziness of it all seems unbelievable and they are behind on giving us even the most basic of things like system requirements and gameplay footage yet they want people to pre-order.

We have high hopes for this game but it appears they have not changed since Battlefield V, we are being asked many questions but are unable to answer them so let’s hope the information starts pouring in over the coming weeks along with a Battlefield 2042 Beta date! You can view more Battlefield 2042 Specialist images here.

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