Next Battlefield Game Is Playable

Next Battlefield Game Is Already Playable

The Next Battlefield Game Is Already Playable! Yes you heard me right and we at Battlefield Informer think this is great news, but the bad news is, it is only open for playing for high rankers such as Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson and here is briefly what he had to say.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson
With each immersive, action-packed season of Battlefield 2042, players have made it clear that they wanted an even deeper experience. Our teams have listened to the community, have learned valuable lessons, and are driving to the future. Motive, armed with cutting-edge Frostbite technology and compelling storytelling, is joining DICE, Criterion, and Ripple Effect to build a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer and single-player experiences. This is the largest Battlefield team in franchise history. A few weeks ago, I was visiting with the teams and I couldn’t be more excited about what they showed and what we were able to play.

So as you can see in this EA statement Andrew Wilson has already played a bit of whatever is built so far and we at Battlefield Informer are very eager to see what is coming after the total utter failure and disregard of community feedback for Battlefield 2042. Fingers crossed it will be a modern day shooter with many maps, weapons and vehicles not just skin based COD style gameplay!