Battlefield 2042 Update 7.2.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 7.2.1 Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 7.2.1 is a small update to address issues relating to the Battlefield 2042 Update 7.2.0. The following fixes relate to Maps, Battlefield Portal, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 and a few more.


General Game Improvements

Resolved an issue which allowed Mackay to get out of bounds on Redacted.
Adjusted jet spawns on Kaleidoscope to ensure a safer flight path entry.
Resolved an issue which allowed the Penguins to use scope attachments on weapons such as the SWS-10 on Battlefield Portal servers whilst this functionality was disabled.
Resolved an issue which resulted in some scopes having a low level of detail on previous Xbox One and PlayStation®4 whilst inspecting them in third perspective.
Resolved a texturing issue on the Deep Blue King weapon cosmetic for the M5A3.
Class Distribution Indicators on the deployment screen when choosing a class should now correctly display the amount of individuals for each class.

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