Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack

Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack

The Official Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack consists of 14 tracks taken from the game. This soundtrack is 43 minutes long.

The Official Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack has been created by Hildur Guðnadóttir & Sam Slater and can be listened too in many different ways such as Spotify, i-Tunes, amazon music and more, but to make it easier we have embedded it for you below:

Battlefield 2042 (Official Soundtrack).
Album • Hildur Guðnadóttir & Sam Slater • 2021.
14 songs • 43 minutes.

1: Orbital
2: The Observation of Beautiful Forms
3: Irreversible
4: Between the Bows
5: Wall Jazz
6: Load Bearing
7: When Does a Country Stop Being a Country?
8: 5 Degrees of Warming
9: Hauled Over the Coals
10: Wet Bulb
11: Hourglass
12: Shipping Forecast
13: Tipping Points
14: Battlefield 2042

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