Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis

Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis

In Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis was born in Gdansk and got recruited into Poland’s elite special force (GROM) at age 21.

Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis is a true anti-vehicle expert, Committed and earnest, Lis is a defiant, honour-bound warrior who can overcome any obstacle (or blow it to pieces).

 G-84 TGM
Fires player-guided projectiles ideal for demolishing vehicles in the air or on ground.

 Armor Hunter
Automatically spots enemy vehicles within a certain range (visible to Lis only).

 Weapon Proficiency
When firing LMGs while crouched or prone, the steady hands of the Engineer Class grant improved accuracy.

Class Gadget
Always equipped for Engineers, the Repair Tool can field repair most vehicle damage (and even do damage to enemy infantry.)

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