Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1.0 includes new Vault Weapons, Chat improvements, Armor Plate overhaul, OV-P Drone Improvements and more.

The next mid-season event is just around the corner. You can expect brand-new themed cosmetics to earn alongside the ability to jump into a new mode that will task you with getting up close and personal with the enemy.

New Vault Weapons

AEK 971

AEK 971

This fully automatic firing weapon has a 30-round capacity with a low spread and decent recoil. If you’re a fan of utilizing burst-fire modes on your weapons, optics are suggested for staying on target.



Feeding from a magazine instead of a belt affords this LMG the fastest reload speed of its class – at the cost of magazine capacity. Risk versus lethality.


This short recoil and high mobility sidearm was standard issue for a long time, but don’t let its age (or size) fool you, this quick-firing weapon means business.

IBA Armor Plate Overhaul
In this update we’re overhauling the protective benefits of the Armor Plate.

Armor protection benefits will now only apply to the torso area of your character, and no longer provide protection for the entire character.

This means any hit to an enemies torso while they have IBA Armor Plates applied will result in a deduction to the player’s armor first and once depleted, damage will follow through to the character’s health.

The functionality of the IBA Armor Plate outside of this remains unchanged, including explosive damage to armor.

With this overhaul, we are responding to player feedback that armor plating is too effective, and we’re making steps to allow you to counter that gadget by providing a skill enhancement to gameplay, encouraging you to prioritize your shots in order to earn faster takedowns.

Chat Improvements
We added a new and improved design which leads to a less cluttered experience.
Other improvements include, but are not limited to: Background Opacity decoupling, now allowing for text to remain strong while lowering the opacity of the background. Decoupled the Chat Box background opacity, if the opacity is set to below 20% your text will now glow.
Color formatting changes, resulting in handles being color coded and white text for chat dialogue.


General & Gameplay Improvements
As indicated above, IBA Armor Plates will now exclusively provide protection to the chest area of your Specialist. Your limbs and head area will remain unprotected
Increased XP earned and feedback when destroying an enemy EOD Bot
You now earn Objective Fortified XP for placing Gadgets such as Ammo Crates, Claymore Mines, etc. in a friendly objective area
You now earn Objective Revive XP when reviving a teammate inside an objective area in Breakthrough
Resolved an animation issue that would break while crawling in prone with a throwable gadget in hand
Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from being able to be thrown through a window on Renewal at E2
Fixed an issue that would cause inconsistent melee damage to occur when dragging the mouse in any direction just before the hit occurred
Meleeing an enemy who is on a ladder will now deal the same damage as the standard melee attack at a rate of 50 damage
Reduced the traversal sprint delay when barging through doors
You will now be able to barge through doors whilst sliding
Fixed an issue that would cause traversal sprint to become broken upon quickly exiting a vehicle
Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in sliding to gain unintended acceleration
Fixed an issue that caused a small amount of unwanted camera shake after performing a low vault
Smoothed out the animation of vaulting to reduce a popping sensation that occurs at the end
Improved the animations of the Recoilless M5 and G-84 TGM
The default weapon for Engineer has now moved from the DM7 towards the LCMG to appropriately synergise with the Weapon Proficiency
Dev Comment: In order for this change to take place, any Engineer that had a DM7 equipped will find that their loadout has changed to the LCMG.

Specialist Mastery Improvements:
Adjusted Sundance’s Mastery requirement from 30 to 20 Kills and Assists with the Smart Explosives
Adjusted Crawford’s Mastery requirement from 50 to 30 Kills and Assists with the Mounted Vulcan
Adjusted Zain’s Mastery requirement from 50 to 30 Kills and Assists with the XM370A
Updated Lis’ Mastery requirement from 10 Vehicles Destroyed with the G-84 TGM to 10 Kills when destroying Vehicles with the G-84 TGM
Updated Dozer’s Mastery requirement from 20 Kills with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield to 40 Close-distance Kills, to allow for a more varied playstyle with Dozer, but still making sure he gets up close and personal

HDR Audio overhaul to create a higher dynamic range in the mix
We have made some gearbox tweaks to the EBLC-RAM to minimize shifting going up hills. This will help with repetitive audio being heard
Fixed an issue where a buzz sound could be heard after using a Sniper scope
Improved the audio that plays when various vehicle projectiles are flying by you, such as Air-to-Ground missiles, 40mm and 30mm cannons, Kinetic Grenade Pods and more. It is worth noting that you’ll mostly benefit from this experience if you’re dodging such projectiles, if you’re not – well, seek a Support Specialist.
The “update airburst distance” sound will now appropriately trigger in accordance to the visuals and range displayed within the UI
The Repair Tool should now be more audible whilst in the MV-38 Condor
Improved the audio feedback when you become stuck with a projectile from the SPH Explosive Launcher
Fixed an issue where Javelin’s lock on sound or engine sound doesn’t trigger
Fixed an issue where Javelin’s projectile sound doesn’t trigger

Updated the tutorial video of the FGM-148 Javelin
Updated EMP grenades description to more accurately reflect its updated damage mode
Tooltips have been added for the defibrillator on Battlefield Portal
Melee weapons from Battlefield 2042 will now be listed within Battlefield Portal
Smoke grenades now explode underwater, sorry Penguins
Fixed an issue that caused the BF3 SOFLAM to not be accessible after being deployed
Friendly Claymores are now displayed on the minimap
The Repair Tool animation will no longer persist when switching to another Gadget
The Tracer Dart can no longer lock-on through large environmental objects
The Tracer Dart now allows friendlies to lock onto stealth helicopters even when they are in stealth mode.
FXM-33 Stinger UI now animates when locking onto an enemy Nightbird that’s designated by a friendly tracer dart
M18 Claymore sensor can no longer be triggered by enemies under its radius
M18 Claymore Icons now flash while looking at them
In some cases players were able to pick up M18 Claymores through solid objects. This should no longer happen
Players are now notified via the correct icon while a Ranger is hacked or under the effect of EMP
Fixed an issue that caused the FXM-33 Stinger to not deal damage to soldiers that had been designated by a tracer dart.
Temporarily disabled the ability to defuse Rush MCOM stations with the EOD Bot. This functionality will be re-enabled in a future update


Angel does it again, as his loadout crate can’t be called in on top of vehicles
Angel’s Loadout Crate can no longer be placed on bushes, try doing that one again

Fixed an issue that caused the X6-Infiltration Device to not show in the restrictions section of the Portal Builder
Fixed an issue that would cause Blasco to use misleading voice lines when pinging a threat at long distances
The radius on the X6-Infiltration Device should now display correctly while the Big Map is open

Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone now deals damage to Claymores, C5, Anti-Tank Grenades, and Proximity Sensors
Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone can now EMP the Deployable Spawn Beacon from the EBLC-Ram

Damage numbers will now take Dozer’s 50% damage reduction against explosives into account.;

It’s no longer possible to heal Ranger by the S21 Syrette Pistol

Irish’ APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel now intercepts the Ghostmaker R10’s explosive bolt
Improved the consistency of the interaction prompt on Irish’s DC-2 Deployable Cover

The XM370A range counter should no longer become stuck at 0 while in a vehicle

Fixed an issue that caused the wrong icon to appear in the Portal Web Builder for the AC9
Fixed an issue where dropped weapons would be difficult to pick up after a player died whilst they were prone
Fixed an issue where the wrong killcard information would be displayed after killing an enemy with any “Mass” underbarrel
Fixed an issue where the MTAR-21 briefly clips with the camera when aiming down sights in crouch after switching from the Smoke Grenade Launcher
Fixed an issue where players could sometimes get stuck in a melee attack loop while repeatedly pressing both melee attack and weapon fire at the same time
M240B now has the correct headshot multiplier of 2X
Fixed an issue that would cause magazines to disappear while using certain attachment combinations and sprinting
A-91 no longer has incorrect sprint settings applied
Fixed an issue that would cause a flickering dot to be visible on the AC9 Kobra sight
Fixed an issue where scopes were disabling other distortion effects even when not ADSing
Shooting with the RM68 will now display you on the minimap when using non-suppressor barrels
Kobra sight vertical crosshair no longer disappears during ADS when customized on SVD and Type 88 LMG
Fixed an issue where the reload SFX on the RPT-31 would not play as intended
Improved consistency of the VCAR weapon icon
Intended magazine size of 30 bullets is now shown for AC9 Subsonic in Collection tab
Sniper Rifles now have a dispersion penalty while moving

Fixed an issue which would cause open seat blast damage to be improperly applied
Fixed an issue that would cause the overheat crosshair to grow in size when swapping between primary and secondary weapons
RWS on MAV with 50mm cannons now use the correct crosshair
Grenades that have already detonated such as incendiary and smoke are no longer intercepted by vehicle AMPS systems
Fixed an issue that would result in the rotors of Battlefield 3 Air Vehicles not displaying correctly
Rocket lock-on’s will now immediately go away from a vehicle that had SOFLAM lock-on’s active and the vehicle was “Below Radar”
RWS on the LATV4 are now coloured more appropriately to its base color

Player legs should no longer stick out of the vehicle while crouched in the open seats of the CAV-Brawler
Gadgets can no longer be deployed under the CAV-Brawler
Only disabled abilities are now grayed out in the inventory while crouching in the CAV-Brawler open seat