Battlefield 2042 4.1 Update Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1: Yes another update.. When are they going to realise this game is not fixable no matter how many updates they release?

The thing that is bugging us most right now is on Twitter, there communications account are acting like they care.. Asking questions about the game that should have been asked and fixed well before release! This is like looking into a mirror of Battlefield V (BF5) and we thought they had learned there lesson but clearly they didn’t and went down a even worse path.

The main question we have been asking each other here at Battlefield Informer is.. Will they ever be able to create a great Battlefield game ever again? And we all think no! We think this as they just do not care about the community any more, they never respond, they never get involved with events, no alpha testing and a pathetic shambles of a beta..

I will stop complaining now and give you the update notes.

Battlefield 2042 4.1 Update Notes

Vehicle Aim Sensitivity and Transport Vehicle Free-look Sensitivity Controller settings now always correctly apply their effects.
Aim Assist has been improved while aiming at moving targets.
Aim Assist should no longer incorrectly acquire targets through thin obstacles.
When not ranking up, you should no longer see the “You have been promoted screen” during End of Round.
Delivered improvements that help to reduce input lag.
Adjusted Trigger Weight to ensure that inputs feel more responsive when applying successive inputs.

The Announcer Voice Over for Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 experiences has been remastered, and now includes new radio sound effects.

Battlefield Portal
Specialists will now correctly display animations during the End of Round screen while in Battlefield Portal modes.
Made the following changes to Hardcore Templates within the Battlefield Builder to align them with our Featured Experience offerings.
Enabled HUD in Hardcore Templates.
Disabled Mini-map and Compass in Hardcore Templates.

Hitting enemies with EMP effects now correctly triggers Player Disrupted XP.
Removed placement delay for deployable gadgets so they now appear instantly.
Deployable gadgets are now easier to deploy.

Insertion Beacon
The Insertion Beacon is now visible from further away.

In this update, we’re making multiple updates to the All-Out Warfare rotations. Our leading change is the removal of the 128 player version of Breakthrough. When reviewing the available experiences in All-Out Warfare, we felt that the 128 player modes are better suited for Conquest where gameplay spaces are larger, and where you have a more natural fit for sandbox gameplay.

In Breakthrough’s 128 player mode, we feel that the value and impact of an individual player, and squad is reduced due to the increased intensity and chaos of the combat.

When reviewing Breakthrough, we noted that the 64 player version represented a more tactical experience. Reducing our player count here helps to remove some of the chaos from the experience, and in combination with the reductions that we have made to the number of available combat vehicles, it means players are better able to hold frontlines more effectively. Players will also find more space to work together and full fill their individual roles.

As a result, squads in Breakthrough 64 have a better opportunity to work together, to flank the enemy, place a spawn beacon, use their plus menu to attach suppressors, then clear, and hold a point – one squad helping turn the tide as an example. We believe that the move to 64 players will bring back the pacing that helps celebrate these moments of teamwork and PTFOing, and will be keeping a close eye on how our changes help to improve the experience ahead of the start of Season 1.

Further changes
Breakthrough 64 for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S now have set map sizes for specific maps:

Discarded, Manifest, Orbital, Kaleidoscope will play the 128 layout version.
Hourglass, Breakaway, Renewal will play the 64 player layout version.

The Compass now expands while in ADS to improve its readability.


Angel will no longer be able to grant Armor Plates via his Supply Bag.

Spotting via the SG-36 Sentry Gun now highlights spotted players via a red dot, and spotted enemies are now also visible for friendlies.
The SG-36 Sentry Gun will no longer track players behind walls.
Overall damage and health for the SG-36 Sentry Gun has been lowered.

RPM reduced from 450 -> 250
Start Damage 16 -> 10
End Damage 10 -> 7
Fall Off Damage Range 50 -> 40
Projectile Speed 960 m/s -> 500 m/s
Health 200 -> 150
Lock-on time increased by 0.3 seconds
Target Forget Time 2 -> 1.5 seconds
Target lock-on range 65 -> 50m
Reload Speed 5.2 -> 4.2 seconds

Bashing with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield while inside smoke should now always deal damage.

Fortification System recharge rate reduced from 25 -> 20 seconds.

Update 0.4.0 introduced an unintended change to the behavior of some weapons via incorrect values on their damage tables. In this update we’re restoring performance to its intended design and you should feel an overall improvement to weapon performance.
The impact of recoil affecting attachments has been lowered, while base weapon recoil has been improved to compensate. This means weapons without attachments now handle better.
Bolt Action Sniper breath control now lasts a max of 5 seconds, with an added 5 second penalty if used entirely.
Underbarrel Attachments no longer affect weapon deploy speed.
Overall horizontal recoil for DMR’s has been reduced.
Sidearms are now faster to deploy.

Increased the AC42 distance damage dropoff at higher ranges.

Removed the AK24 Semi Auto fire mode.
Increased AK-24 Burst Mode rate of fire to 900RPM.

Improved the NTW-50 effectiveness against vehicles.
Added an additional damage multiple versus tank tracks.

Increased PKP-BP vertical recoil, and added a new horizontal recoil profile.

Improved the SFAR-M GL damage at short to medium range.
Taking down an enemy now requires 5, instead of 4 bullets while at 20m.
Decreased the SFAR-GL distance damage dropoff.

Reduced SVK’s Horizontal recoil to make it easier to land follow-up shots.
Increased the SVK distance damage dropoff past 40m.
SVK’s High-Power Rounds damage lowered past 150m.
Taking down an enemy now requires 3, instead of 2 bullets.

Fixed a bug for no XP being rewarded when capturing an objective in a vehicle that wasn’t spawned via the Deploy Menu

Following the release of Update 0.4.0, we’re continuing to make balance adjustments to vehicle gameplay by updating the total number of vehicles that can be active at any time across maps in Conquest and Breakthrough.

Conquest 128:
Kaleidoscope – Reduced each teams light ground vehicle allocation by 1.
Manifest – Reduced each teams light ground vehicle allocation by 1.

Breakthrough 64:
Breakaway – Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the Attackers number of Transport Air Vehicles by 1, and reduced the number of Heavy Ground Vehicles for Attackers and Defenders to 1.
Manifest – Adjusted Sector 3 to remove the Defenders allocation of Transport Air Vehicles, and also reduced the number of Heavy Ground Vehicles for Attackers and Defenders by 1.
Hourglass – Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the Attackers and Defenders allocation of Heavy Ground Vehicles to 1, removed the Defending teams allocation of Transport and Combat Air Vehicles.
Renewal – Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the Attackers and Defenders allocation of Heavy Ground Vehicles to 1.
Orbital – Adjusted Sector 4 to reduce the Defenders allocation of Heavy Vehicles to 1.

The MAV is now part of the Transport vehicle category

M5C Bolte
The M5C Bolte’s Missile Launcher no longer deals unintentional increased damage to air vehicles.
The M5C Bolte is now part of the Armored vehicle category.