Battlefield 2042 Redux: Season 6

Battlefield 2042 Redux: Season 6

This Battlefield 2042 Redux Development Update includes your first look at what’s coming in Season 6 of Battlefield 2042, but first, get ready to gear up and punch in because Battlefield 2042 Redux is on the way.

This in-game event gives you the chance to relive some of the best moments from the last year of Battlefield 2042. Experience, re-engage and reap weekly rewards while finding new ways to play across your favourite modes and maps, from Rush XL, Tactical Conquest, Breakthrough Chaos to Conquest Assault and Shutdown.

But wait, there’s more! Your weekends just got an upgrade. In fact, so did your week. Get your hands on 2XP weekends and weekly rewards*. And, of course, there will be quality of life improvements to keep you coming back for more.


Expect a chillingly unique new battleground harbouring dark secrets where you’ll confront your fear of the unknown. It’s one of our favourite maps we’ve built so far and we can’t wait to share more information with you at a later time.

Battlefield 2042 Redux

Redux Overview

During Redux we’re excited to bring back new ways to play across your favourite modes and maps, as well as making new and returning weekly rewards available to earn. From Rush Chaos XL, Tactical Conquest, Breakthrough Chaos to Conquest Assault, Shutdown and more. We’re giving you a wide variety of ways to play and earn rewards.

But we’re not just bringing these modes back as they were. We’ve listened to your feedback, so expect refined modes every week, on more maps, and with new players counts.

This also includes the return of The Liquidators, Battle of Nordvik and Leviathan Rising Limited Time Events, and modes.

Earning Rewards

During Redux we’ll have a dedicated progression track where you’ll be able to earn Ribbons to unlock rewards. Just like you’re used to from our seasonal Limited Time Events. However, we’re making earning them easier and faster for you.

You can now earn Ribbons to unlock rewards through all official game modes in both All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal. That means during Redux you can play your official mode of choice and always progress towards earning rewards.

The rewards range from entirely new content such as character, vehicle and weapon skins, to previous Store content that now becomes earn-able. We also have several Double XP weekends lined up to help speed up your progress!

We still want to keep the excitement of being able to discover new rewards, but we’ve already listed some examples for you here:

The Steady Drill skin for the AK-24
Vigilante cosmetic skin for Charlie Crawford
Cybergeddon outfit for Dozer
The Cataclysm skin for the PBX-45
Hijacker weapon charm
And more!

Redux Community Calendar

There is a wide variety of modes available for play during Redux which you can now play on more maps, and with increased weather effects. We’ve prepared an overview for you with our Community Calendar.

Battlefield 2042 Redux Calendar

Revisiting Limited Time Event Modes

If you missed our previous Limited Time Events, or you need a reminder on how to play their unique modes then we also have a brief overview for you here.

Rush Chaos XL
In Rush XL, destroy MCOMs to advance across the battlefield, or protect MCOMs and hold the enemy’s advance – now with up to 128 players.

Rush as you know it tuned and scaled up to support up to 128 players for maximum chaos through additional modifiers such as increased soldier movement speed, as well increased projectile speed for throwables and projectiles.

Tactical Conquest
Tactical Conquest is the infantry-focused, fast-paced twist on the classic Conquest experience where you’re pitted against opposing squads to try and capture and hold three flags. Win the round by depleting the enemy tickets.

Squad-based gameplay is going to be key here when attempting to retain control of objectives. Make ample use of Spawn Beacons, potential flank routes, and charge enemy-occupied objectives as a team. The more people on the objective when capturing, the faster the capture speed.

Conquest Assault
This is 32v32 Conquest Assault where attackers start with more reinforcements and must take defender-occupied territory, while defenders must hold their objectives – or it’s all over.

Defenders will find their HQ spawn disabled, but they can still rely on their squad and the EBLC-Ram’s Team Insertion Beacon to remain in the fight to hold the objectives.

Breakthrough Chaos
Breakthrough Chaos is the classic Breakthrough experience with faster movement, redeploy, throw speed, vehicle call-ins, and up to 128 players. In a word: chaotic.

In Shutdown attackers use the lance to destroy enemy data caches, while defenders protect them. Each match has two rounds, giving each side a shot at redemption – or revenge.

Play the Objective – The Lance: The ESA-500 Lance is a portable microwave device that fries data drives in a limited radius. Attackers can plant it where they choose inside predefined objective areas populated with crates full of said data drives, scoring points as long as the Lance stays alive, and culminating in a shutdown. Defenders on the other hand, can disable it with a short timed interaction. Playing it smart, and outwitting your enemy is key to Shutdown. Plant the Lance in the open and bait your enemy, hide it in a corner, protect it with your gadgets and throwables, or find an approach of your own, the choice is yours.

Shut it down: When a planted Lance scores enough points in an objective, it results in a shutdown of the objective and fully removes it from the map. Expect pure chaos as you start clearing more objectives and are forced closer and closer together with the enemy team.

Secure Victory: You’ll play a round as both Attacker, and Defender. When the first round ends, you will switch sides and redeploy. You’ll secure victory by scoring the most points as the Attacking side while you battle it out within these fast-paced matches.

Quality of Life Improvements

Alongside the improved modes and rewards we’ll also publish a small Quality of Life Update during Redux, which includes changes such as balance adjustments for Engineers and a new Codex feature for those who love to learn more about the lore of Battlefield 2042.

We’ll share full details via Update Notes shortly before Redux goes live later this month.

And that’s all we have for you today! Our team is looking forward to seeing you relive and experience the highlights from our first few Seasons once again during Redux, with all the new content and improvements we’ve brought to the game. We’ll be back towards October to share more details on Season 6.