Battlefield Team Issues A Warning Battlefield 2042 Announcements

Battlefield Team Issues A Warning

The Battlefield Team have just released a warning to all community members who are giving bad feedback towards their game Battlefield 2042, and warn they will take action through the EA User Agreement.

Now please let us get this straight we have given so much bad feedback about Battlefield 2042 and we have every right as a consumer and informational site but we do no condone harassment in anyway!

Now what the DICE / DEV Team needs to remember is yes you are going to get a lot of bad feedback and yes harassment is totally not acceptable but you have duped and killed a large portion of the Battlefield community, the core Battlefield does not exist any more and over the years has been stripped away bit by bit.

Dice have a fan base going back over 20 years, many players are veterans and dedicated fans who have owned and played every game (like us) so when DICE say a all new amazing Battlefield is coming people including ourselves get very excited, but when we get lied to we give our true feedback which just gets ignored! Maybe if they (DICE / EA) listened to their community in the first place people would not have to get angry and shout it at them constantly.

We know the DICE team or EA will not come out and say publicly that this game is a total utter disaster, with bad sales, bad feedback, the dev team being switched around or replaced, 2 or 3 updates every month that sometimes breaks more then it fixes, no maps, limited vehicles i could go on all day and we think they should have just give up at that point and made it a free to play then charge for all the annoying skins they are releasing.

Now we will continue to give real feedback, we will not lie about anything on here, we basically say what we see, but please remember targeting dev members is not a great thing to be doing, we have all paid out on this game and are all a little let down by their lies but harassing someone will not change that, it is not good for you and it is not good for dev team members as they are only following orders from their clueless managers.

The statement is as follows:

Battlefield Team Issues A Warning

You can find the warning on the below Social media sites: