Battlefield 2042 Update 5.01

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.01

Battlefield 2042 Update 5.01 releases this week with a small set of changes aimed at resolving some of Quality of Life issues and balancing, following Season 5: New Dawn’s launch.

With just a few weeks to go, Game Update 5.1.0 is on the horizon which acts upon even more of your feedback.

Battlefield 2042 5.01 Update Notes

AI Soldiers
We’ve once again told the troops to get back to work on the Prologue, and they’ll now correctly spawn in and support you as intended.

Fixed an issue causing some missiles and grenades to appear offset from the weapon while moving and firing.
Fixed an issue that caused the SPH Explosive Launcher’s projectile to detonate immediately if the attached player had died.

Fixed an issue that resulted in the Capture Objective Indicator not correctly appearing whilst an objective is being captured.
Fixed an issue that prevented the ability to equip unlocks received during a match.


Fixed an issue that resulted in Dozer’s Ballistic Shield not correctly playing the heavy hit animation when he takes direct damage from heavy projectiles such as rockets.
Fixed an issue that was allowing bullets to go through Dozer’s Ballistic Shield based on what point in time you joined the server.

Fixed an issue that made spotting air vehicles above objectives difficult to perform.
Fixed an issue that could sometimes reward you with assists on your own kills, or assists on teammates (or even on yourself, but not the Penguins. Stop trying to hurt them!)

Fixed an issue that caused Subsonic ammunition on the DM7, AM40 and M5A3 to muzzle flash when equipped with a Suppressor

RM68 Bullet Speed lowered from 790 to 700
We have lowered the 4HK range on the following Ammo types:
Standard Ammo reduced from 40m > 30m
High Power ammo reduced from 50m > 40m
4HK range has been removed from CQB Ammo

M416 damage increased within the following ranges:
40 – 60m increased to 22 damage.
60m+ increased to 18 damage.

4HK range capabilities have been removed from the MTAR21.

Dispersion & Accuracy
Following your feedback, we are making further adjustments to the dispersion of several Assault Rifles with an intent to compress the top and lowest performers for a more balanced weapon offering.
Max dispersion increased by 9% for AK24, SFARM-GL and AEK
Max dispersion lowered by 8% for AC42, M16A3, M416 and MTAR21
Lowered the delay to dispersion reset from 0.2s to 0.1s.

Dev Comment: Some delay is required to ensure dispersion does not reset between bullets and instead recognizes bursting taking place.

Fixed an issue for the CAV-Brawler unlock requirement that did not properly count teammates deploying on your MAV or EBLC-Ram.
Fixed an issue that caused the wave lines from the Detection Pulse to not be drawn on the minimap when inside the vehicle using the ability.
If a vehicle is hacked at the same moment as activating the CWP, the cooldown will now be reset.