Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack Trailer

Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack

Players can storm the battlefield armed with powerful weapons and items only available in the Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack including the Type 88 light machine gun with bipod for superior firepower and total control.

The SKS sniper rifle flash suppressor that provides increased stealth abilities for Recon soldiers, and the lethal armour-piercing flechette ammo for the DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun that is sure to tear through anything in its path. Also included is day one access to the highly versatile DAO-12 semi-automatic shotgun itself.

This pack is available as a pre-order bonus with GAME, Gamestation and at Origin for the PC digital download version of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition. At a later date, we will unlock all of these items to all players of Battlefield 3 at no extra charge. You can pre-order Battlefield 3 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC directly from Origin

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