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Battlefield 3 Danger Zone Remix – Battlefield Informer

Battlefield 3 Danger Zone Remix – I thought i would answer a lot of questions for some people who have been asking me why do i play Battlefield 3?

Well it is simple really, we have been a lover of Battlefield games since Battlefield 1942 and have followed and played them ever since. We played many Battlefield 2 matches in the Team warfare League and CAL for 5v5 and 8v8.

We will agree there has been good and bad moments with production but overall we are happy with the way the franchise has progressed over the years.

Battlefield 3 has a wide range of maps including night maps with a huge arsenal of weapons and vehicles, the helicopter being one of my favorite vehicles in the game.

The video below shows a lot of different aspects to the game whether it be jets, choppers, tanks and infantry so please enjoy.

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