Battlefield 3 Boot Camp: Offensive Jet Tactics

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp: Offensive Jet Tactics

Battlefield 3 Boot Camp Offensive Jet Tactics: Every week Jonno Stanton is joined by Battlefield 3 experts to discuss some of the best ways to play as a team and achieve objectives.

This week, Toby Connolly talks about offensive tactics when piloting jets.

Equip Air Radar to track enemy positions and movement, whilst using your missiles to attack enemy aircraft at long range. Use the main guns when in close to finish off enemies by making sure you are directly behind and above them. Aim your crosshair slightly ahead of your target if turning.

Pay attention to your airspeed. Use the two triggers to keep your speed between 290 and 310 which will allow you to perform the tightest turns. Apply the afterburners to get out of danger or even fire them after using your air brake to boost out of a turn or loop. Jet airspeed is visible in the top left of the HUD.

Heat Seekers can be effective against tricky opponents that are hard to pin down, whilst also presenting the chance to do some damage. Fire one rocket to eliminate the enemies’ flares and then hit them with the second, whilst remembering to use your main guns to finish the job. Jump into a game of Air Superiority for practice and remember to use down on the D-pad to freely look around the cockpit.

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