Battlefield 2042 Exodus Film

Battlefield 2042 Exodus Film

The Battlefield 2042 Exodus Film is a true blast from the past, but what are all the newcomers to Battlefield thinking about it?

I bet some of you who have not played Battlefield 4 will be wondering what all this is about?

Let’s start by telling you that the main characters in the Battlefield 2042 Exodus Film are from the Battlefield 4 Storyline: Kimble “Irish” Graves and Clayton “PAC” Pakowski.

After having to make a choice at the end of the Battlefield 4 Single player about who stays and who goes it is not really clear what happens to the rest of them until now.

Battlefield 4’s Kimble “Irish” Graves returns and is no longer a Marine, but the commander of the No-Pat vessel Exodus, forced to choose between the lives of the 200 refugees on his boat and the future of all the Non-Patriated.

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