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    Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment - Xbox One

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Now On Xbox One
    Well many of you will now be glad to hear ''Xbox One'' users can now participate in the ''Battlefield 4'' Community Test Environment and having played it on PC i can say it is pretty... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley Footage - Walkabout

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Dragon Valley Footage - Walkabout
    I have created this Battlefield 4 community test environment video for you so i can show you what Dragon Valley looks like now it has been re-made, please bare in mind this... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Classic Map Project - Dragon Valley

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Classic Map Project V1 (163245)
    Well what can i say i am so happy DICE decided to listen to us veterans and pick one of the best Battlefield 2 maps ever created to be re-made in Battlefield 4. Drum rolls... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Gemini Community Mission

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Gemini Community Mission
    Your mission? We want you to do 10 team revives on any game mode or map in Battlefield 4. As you know, this is done with the Defibrillator gadget available to the Assault class. This... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Code Blue Map

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Code Blue Map
    Code Blue is one of the four new maps featured in the ''Battlefield Hardline'' Criminal Activity expansion pack and based in a Miami night club. Code Blue features intricate sets with... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Gun Master Mission

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Gun Master Community Mission
    Are you ready to lock and load? If so get ready for another ''Battlefield 4'' community mission and this time it is on the all new Gun Master Mode! So get your boots shined and get... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment Patch 52

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Patch #52 (162593)
    Well yet another patch has not long been released for the ''BF4'' Community Test Environment and this time it brings changes and updates to tanks! So if you are a tank lover you will... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Bounty Hunter Game Mode

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Bounty Hunter Mode
    An all new mode is arriving for the new ''Battlefield Hardline'' expansion pack ''Criminal Activity'' named ''Bounty Hunter'', this mode is intense and infantry focused. Although... [More]

    New Battlefield 4 Battlelog App Chat Features

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Battlelog App Chat Features
    The Battlefield Battlelog App now features 1on1 chats, simply head to your friends profile page and start the chat. Want Group chats? Want to add more people to the chat? Just hit... [More]

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