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    Battlefield Hardline PC, X1, PS4 2.0 Patch Notes

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline PC, X1 & PS4 2.0 Patch Notes
    The Battlefield Hardline Patch 2.0 release for PC, PlayStation4 and Xbox One is now out, yet a pretty small patch it covers most of the main issues right now such as a... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Mission - Get 99 Shotgun Kills

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Mission: 99 Shotgun Kills
    Visceral Games have just rolled out a new and exciting Battlefield Hardline community mission. This new mission involves getting a individual score of 99 kills with the... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Summer Patch Testing Imminent

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Summer Patch Testing Imminent
    You will all be glad to hear the summer patch for Battlefield 4 will soon be here and the CTE members will be able to test it out, some of the team at DICE have been away but are... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Leo Zodiac Mission

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Leo Community Mission
    So you consider yourself a skilled marksman. A sneaky sharpshooter with cat-like patience and precision. How about we put those skills to the test? It's time for another Battlefield 4... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley Cinematic Action

    Battlefield NewsDragon Valley CTE Cinematic Action
    The news is pretty slow right now so i have created a short Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley cinematic action video for you to watch and if you have been able to play this map you... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Cancer Zodiac Mission

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Cancer Community Mission
    Another Battlefield 4 Zodiac community mission has hit battlelog, This Zodiac Cancer mission involves you having to score 5 kills from boats on any game mode or map in Battlefield 4.... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment - Xbox One

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Now On Xbox One
    Well many of you will now be glad to hear ''Xbox One'' users can now participate in the ''Battlefield 4'' Community Test Environment and having played it on PC i can say it is pretty... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Dragon Valley Footage - Walkabout

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Dragon Valley Footage - Walkabout
    I have created this Battlefield 4 community test environment video for you so i can show you what Dragon Valley looks like now it has been re-made, please bare in mind this... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Classic Map Project - Dragon Valley

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Classic Map Project V1 (163245)
    Well what can i say i am so happy DICE decided to listen to us veterans and pick one of the best Battlefield 2 maps ever created to be re-made in Battlefield 4. Drum rolls... [More]

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