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    Battlefield 4 Vs Battlefield Hardline Poll - Your Thoughts?

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Vs BFHardline Poll - Your Thoughts?
    BFHardline has now been out for a few weeks and what i have seen so far is not great: empty PC servers, cheesy Dino masks and GTA style rip offs which has made us move back... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map Blockout v2 Patch 48

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Community Map Blockout v2
    The team over at DICE have not long released a new CTE patch, this patch/update addresses things such as: Night map updates, High Frequency server Updates, Misc Updates and of... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Criminal Activity Official Info

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Criminal Activity Info
    A lot of news has been floating around the web about the upcoming Battlefield Hardline expansion pack Criminal Activity some true and some just utter bull, well now you get the... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Taurus Community Mission

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Taurus Community Mission
    Fighting our way through the 12 star signs, it's time for another thrilling Battlefield 4 Zodiac Community Mission. Taurus is up, and we've prepared a challenge worthy of this... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Brings New Weapons and Modes

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Spring Patch Brings Weapons & Modes
    What will this Spring Patch bring to Battlefield 4 you may ask? Well here is just a taster.. Gun Master game mode, Five new weapons, PC Stability & Netcode Updates,... [More]

    DirtyDeathdog Explains The Latest Battlefield Hardline Changes

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Updates & Changes Explained
    In yet another great thread created by Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Designer on Battlefield Hardline he talks about all the latest changes such as the Rep System, fast tick... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Server Stability Testing Schedule

    Battlefield NewsCTE BF4 Spring Patch Server Stability Test
    To try and finalize the Battlefield 4 CTE spring patch EA/DICE will be removing bits and pieces from the game in order to get there server stability as smooth as possible... [More]

    More Battlefield Hardline Dev's Get The Boot

    Battlefield NewsMore BFHardline Dev's Get The Boot
    Yes we all knew it was coming no surprise really.. More Battlefield Hardline Dev's have been laid off over at Visceral. This news comes just four weeks after executive producer... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Possible Rep Changes

    Battlefield NewsRep Changes - BFHardline
    Thaddeus Sasser Lead MP Design on Battlefield Hardline started an interesting conversation on Battlelog yesterday about new rep changes coming and are just moments away from finishing... [More]

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