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New: BF4 Dragon's Teeth Gallery Images BFHardline: Live Gamescom Debut Footage Raptr BF4 Replay Contest BF4 Dragon's Teeth - Propaganda Footage

Battlefield Hardline: Singleplayer and Multiplayer Footage

Battlefield NewsBFH: Singleplayer & Multiplayer Footage
Right and wrong isn't always that clear. With a fresh new style inspired by from the most popular crime dramas seen on television today, Battlefield... [More]

Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth - Sunken Dragon

Battlefield NewsBF4 Dragon's Teeth - Sunken Dragon
In this BF4 Sunken Dragon video we have gone for a more angled cinematic style in a aim to show you how great the map looks before the action starts and while it... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Rescue Mode Explained

Battlefield NewsRescue Mode & Competitive Play Explained
Thatís right. Itís time. Letís talkÖCOMPETITIVE PLAY! Lead MP Designer Thaddeus Sasser goes through some details about the new upcoming competitive mode for... [More]

Battlefield Hardline: Live Gamescom Debut Footage

Battlefield NewsBFHardline: Live Gamescom Debut
In this live Gamescom stream Patrick Soderlund and Steve Papoutsis go over some new points and info about Battlefield Hardline, you also get to see some new single player... [More]

Raptr Battlefield 4 Replay Contest

Battlefield NewsRaptr BF4 Replay Contest
The official Raptr community are providing BF4 fans with a great new video replay contest! You can win a Fang BattleBox gaming PC, R9 270 GPUs, Never Settle Forever Gold codes so... [More]

FREE Battlefield 4 - For A Limited Time

Battlefield NewsFREE BF4 For A Limited Time
7 days. 64 players. Use Game Time to explore every inch of the battlefield. This is the entire Battlefield 4 experience and it is for free for a limited time only so if your... [More]

Get 50 Percent off Battlefield 4 On Ps4

Battlefield News50% Off BF4 On PS4!
Listen up soldiers we have some good news, if you are thinking about getting Battlefield 4 on Playstation 4 you can grab it right now with 50% off! So what are you waiting... [More]

Battlefield Informer - Battlelog Platoons

Battlefield NewsBFI: Battlelog Platoons
I have been asked a fair few times what other Battlefield Battlelog platoons do we have so i thought it was best to list them all on one page, please feel free to join any that... [More]

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