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    Battlefield Hardline Bumpin' Radio Playlist

    Battlefield NewsBattlefield Hardline Radio Playlist
    Dan Mitre Community Manager at Battlefield - EA has just created a playlist on Spotify called Battlefield Hardline Bumpin' Radio Playlist which features all the... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Cop Patch Contest

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Cop Patch Contest
    Time to get creative. We know you enjoy browsing through and showing off the in-game Patches of Battlefield Hardline. But now we're stepping this customization up and... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Top 5 Patch Fixes

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Top 5 Patch Fixes
    Lead Designer on Battlefield Hardline Thaddeus Sasser aka dirtydeathdog has released some interesting info related to the upcoming BFHardline patch. The patch has some great... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE Staging Spring Patch #4

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Staging - Spring Patch #4
    A new Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment spring patch has been released and it brings changes to things such as weapon tweaks, Night Vision Updates and a new... [More]

    Visceral's general manager Steve Papoutsis Gets The Boot

    Battlefield NewsVisceral - Steve Papoutsis Gets The Boot?
    Well what can i say here apart from Another one bites the dust!? As we all know EA has a high turn over of staff and now they might have gone and booted... [More]

    Update - Battlefield 4 Community Map Project

    Battlefield News[Update] BF4 Community Map Project
    I am sure you have probably seen this but i will post it up anyway, the guys at DICE are saying that the Community Map will soon be in production for Battlefield 4 and... [More]

    Battlefield 4 CTE - Spring Patch 40

    Battlefield NewsBF4 CTE Prototypes Patch 40
    A new patch/update has just hit the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment and it brings fixes for weapons, sound crashes, night vision, gun master mode and a few other... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Battlefest Season

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Battlefest Season
    If you are a Battlefield Battlefest fan then you will be glad to hear that a new season is soon to arrive for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. A full month of in-game... [More]

    Battlefield Hardline Digital Restrictions Management

    Battlefield NewsBFHardline Has Hidden DRM
    Like a lot of past games Digital Restrictions Management has yet again made a return in Battlefield Hardline. DRM is built into products with the aim of limiting use after... [More]

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