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Battlefield V Update 7.3 - …

The Battlefield V Update 7.3 has rolled out to all platforms today, December 8th, from 0900 UTC. It's set to be around 1GB in size across all platforms. The Battlefield V Update 7.3 is a small update but includes fixes DICE developed shortly after the Fall Update rolled out. Fixes, Changes, and Improvements We’ve updated our loading screen with new artwork…

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The Battlefield V Update 7.3 has rolled out to all platforms today, Dec…

The Battlefield Creator Contest has begun! Do you like creating content…

The Battlefield V Fall Update starts to roll out tomorrow, November 17t…

DICE will be releasing there Battlefield V Update 7.1 tomorrow which ha…

The Battlefield V Summer Update Notes have been released early and this…

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DICE Aleksander Grøndal has recently retweeted a video by Reformatt Show showing some of the real life locations that where used to create the Battlefield 1 maps. In this short but pleasant video you get to see several locations in France, here is what Reformatt Show had to say. Oh and if you like this v…

Well most of us knew it was only a matter of time before Battlefield 1 Incursions was killed off by EA and this will commence on April 25, 2019. The combination of limited content and lack of keys that were given out has made it a complete and utter waste of time and the effort they wasted should have be…

The Battlefield 1 August update has now rolled out, this is a small yet needed update addressing some bugs, tweaks, and balance adjustments. This Battlefield 1 August update is required for all Battlefield 1 players. This update is focused on addressing some in-game bugs, tweaking some features, and bala…

Battlefield 1 Summer Update - Most of you probably thought they had forgotten about battlefield 1 and there would no longer be any new patch updates with the imminent release of Battlefield V.. Well you thought wrong! XBOX ONE X 4K SUPPORT We’ve heard your requests and are excited to deliver on a highly…

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Now Free - Players can grab a free expansion for both Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 4, available until July 3, 2018. Expect rewards through a weekly progression system, with more in-game content for Battlefield 1. Stage 2 kicks off with the Battlefield 1 Turning Tides expansi…

As you all know there has been a Battlefield 1 Weapon Crate Update that brings nine new guns and two new melee weapons, not only that some new additional features have been added to the game! Sorry in the delay in posting this up we had a few ghosts in our MySQL and wanted to clear it up first. WEAPONS …

Battlefield V Summer Update Information

Battlefield V Steve Fisher - Elites

Battlefield V Jack Culver - Elites

Battlefield V Keisuke Nakamura - Elites

Battlefield V Wake Island Trailer

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Battlefield V Into the Jungle Trailer

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Battlefield V Operation Underground

Battlefield V Operation Underground Trailer

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Battlefield V Firestorm - The Dome

Battlefield V Seamus Byrne - Elites

Battlefield V Wilhelm Tannstedt - Elites

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Battlefield V Update - Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes

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Battlefield V Launch Maps

Battlefield V Single Player Trailer

Battlefield V Dev Talks: Open Beta Feedback

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