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BFHardline Release Date BF4 Final Stand Is Closing In BF4 Classic Mode Explained

Battlelog App Update 20-11-14

Battlefield NewsBattlelog App Update 20-11-14
Enjoy hitting BF4 together with friends? So do we. Therefore, we're excited to tell you that the Battlelog App now features push notifications sent when two or more of your... [More]

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Trailer

Battlefield NewsBF4 Final Stand Trailer
I bet your all eager for the next BF4 map pack installment? EA/DICE have just released there Official BF Final Stand Trailer and it is pretty cool so make sure you check it... [More]

BFHardline Single Player Campaign Mechanics

Battlefield NewsBFHardline SP Campaign Mechanics
In BFHardline you have more then one tool to jack up your foes. In this post i go over some game mechanics such as, Flashing your badge, tricked-out scanners, noise... [More]

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Release Date

Battlefield NewsBF4 Final Stand Release Date
The all-new maps include the Siberian, blizzard-ridden Operation Whiteout and the thrilling Hammerhead which lets you fight around a submarine base. Take a good peek at the... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Tribute Remix

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Tribute Remix
With hearing the news about the BFHardline release date a week or so ago and now i hear we are getting more Single player footage to see it got me pumped and i have made this... [More]

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