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BF4: Will You Take A Stand? (PC Video) BFHardline Hotwire Gameplay Trailer Battlefield 4: The Final Stand

Battlefield 4 Fall Update Is Now Live

Battlefield NewsBF4 Fall Update Is Now Live
I want to start this by apologizing for the delay but we have been fighting a bash attack, many of you have been asking about the BF4 Fall Update. This update enhances and... [More]

Perfecting Battlefield Hardline - Feedback

Battlefield NewsPerfecting BFHardline - Feedback
The extra time given to Visceral Games by EA to perfect Battlefield Hardline is really paying off. And there using every additional day to make the game better – based... [More]

Battlefield 4 Fall Patch - Sept

Battlefield NewsBF4 “Fall Patch” - September
Fall Patch Highlights: So what are DICE improving? First of all the final fix list for the Fall Patch is fairly massive and will be released when the patch goes live. The full... [More]

Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Hotwire Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Hotwire Gameplay
Whether you’re the cops or the criminals, the goal in Battlefield Hardline’s Hotwire game mode is to get to the marked cars and drive very fast. This is high speed chase like... [More]

Battlefield 4: Will You Take Your Final Stand?

Battlefield NewsBF4: Will You Take A Stand? (PC)
Being able to play Battlefield 4 Final Stand has been a great honor and i have truly enjoyed every moment, the maps are just my style and i am glad they have saved the... [More]

Battlefield 4 Final Stand - Giants of Karelia Footage

Battlefield NewsBF4: Final Stand - Giants of Karelia Footage
I have taken around 30 minutes of BF4: Final Stand - Giants of Karelia footage for all the people who will not have a chance to play it, now please be aware... [More]

Battlefield 4: Final Stand Official Reveal Trailer

Battlefield NewsBF4 Final Stand Official Trailer
BF4 Final Stand is an expansion pack set in wintry landscapes with secret artic military bases. This is the first official video glimpse at Battlefield 4 Final... [More]

Battlefield 4: The Final Stand

Battlefield NewsBF4: The Final Stand
Well at long last we get some information about the last upcoming expansion pack for BF4, Final Stand! In this thread Dice talk about the four maps that are unique and distinct with... [More]

Battlefield 4: BFI Monthly News Roundup

Battlefield NewsBF4: BFI Monthly News Roundup
Game updates are a big thing for Battlefield fans but do you really understand what is fully going on all the time? Our editor ADDISON396 wants to give you some clear update... [More]

Battlefield 4 PayBack Collaboration Trailer

Battlefield NewsBF4 PayBack Collaboration Trailer
EA/DICE are honored to partner with Dimitri Vangelis & Wyman X Steve Angello to bring fans of the artists a unique opportunity to get their Battlefield related videos... [More]

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