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BFHardline Release Date BF4 Final Stand Is Closing In BF4 Classic Mode Explained

Battlefield Black Friday Deals

Battlefield NewsEarly Black Friday Deals!
Origin have just announced right now that they have started there black Friday deals early so we have listed for you some of what they have on offer in terms of... [More]

Battlefield 4 - Steal 4 Million Dog Tags

Battlefield NewsSteal 4 Million Dog Tags
To complete the Community Mission, DICE want you to collectively grab 4 million BF4 dog tags using melee attacks. You know the drill, right? Sneak up on enemy infantry,... [More]

Battlelog App Update 20-11-14

Battlefield NewsBattlelog App Update 20-11-14
Enjoy hitting BF4 together with friends? So do we. Therefore, we're excited to tell you that the Battlelog App now features push notifications sent when two or more of... [More]

Battlefield 4 Final Stand Trailer

Battlefield NewsBF4 Final Stand Trailer
I bet your all eager for the next BF4 map pack installment? EA/DICE have just released there Official BF Final Stand Trailer and it is pretty cool so make sure you check... [More]

BFHardline Single Player Campaign Mechanics

Battlefield NewsBFHardline SP Campaign Mechanics
In BFHardline you have more then one tool to jack up your foes. In this post i go over some game mechanics such as, Flashing your badge, tricked-out scanners,... [More]

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