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Battlefield Hardline PC Information

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Official PC Information
Mike Glosecki Visceral Games Gameplay systems producer gives you his perspective on Battlefield Hardline and what makes it a great PC game and subscribes to the theory... [More]

Battlefield Hardline EA Access - Xbox One

Battlefield NewsBFHardline EA Access - Xbox One
Be one of the first to get a piece of the action in Battlefield Hardline, the complete first person shooter experience built on strategy, speed and story through EA... [More]

10,000 GBP Up For Grabs With Battlefield Hardline Live

Battlefield NewsGrab Some Cash With BFHardline
Get a chance to win 10,000 GBP with Battlefield Hardline Live! This event will be taking place at a secret Central London location for eight days from March 18 until March... [More]

Battlefield 4 Community Map Project

Battlefield NewsBF4 Community Map Project
Create Your Very Own and unique Battlefield 4 Map! Introducing the Battlefield 4 Community Map Project. Your opportunity to work directly with the DICE team and create your own... [More]

Battlefield Veteran Hardline Reward

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Reward For Battlefield Veterans
Available starting March 17. Naturally, we are thrilled for those who will make Battlefield Hardline their first. But we also feel we want to give you... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Concept Art Explored

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Concept Art Explored
Creative Director Ian Milham (@Monkey_Pants) and Sr. Concept Artist Patrick O'Keefe (@theOKartist) let you explore some of the Concept Artwork for the upcoming shooter... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Uniform Soldier Aiming Confirmed

Battlefield NewsBFHardline - Uniform Soldier Aiming
Thaddeus Sasser (dirtydeathdog) Lead MP Designer at Visceral has now confirmed that at some point in time they will be adding the Uniform Soldier Aiming setting to... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Developers Talk Audio

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Dev's Talk About Audio
Ever wondered what makes a video game sound fast? Battlefield Hardline is the fastest Battlefield ever, a feature ensured by the Visceral team in a number of... [More]

Battlefield Hardline Open Beta - Final Play

Battlefield NewsBFHardline Open Beta - Final Play
I have put this video together from our Final Play of the Battlefield Hardline Open Beta. The quality of this video differs as it was recorded in two different locations... [More]

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