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Battlefield 1 Official Gameplay Trailer

If you where crazy enough to miss out on last nights Battlefield 1 EA PLAY Stream then you must check out the new and totally epic trailer that was released. Discover war…

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Battlefield 1 News

Battlefield 1 EA PLAY Squads Recap

Check out the highlights from EA Play’s Battlefield 1 Squads Event in 64-player Battlefield 1 gamepl…

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Battlefield 1 Official Classes Information

What Battlefield 1 Class is Right For You? Below is some information on classes for you to read up…

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Battlefield 1 Facts From DICE

You want more Battlefield 1 facts? Another short Q&A session has just ended with Aleksander Grøn…

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Battlefield Hardline Getaway Now Free

Battlefield Hardline Expansions June 10, 2016

Battlefield™ 1 is coming later this year, and we're celebrating by keeping the action goin…

Battlefield Hardline Building Alcatraz

Battlefield Hardline Expansions March 01, 2016

Battlefield Hardline Alcatraz map stages of ''Concept to Completion'', this map holds lot'…

Battlefield Hardline Chinatown - Behind the Scenes

Battlefield Hardline Images & Video February 22, 2016

The gritty streets of New York’s Chinatown are the site of a massive crime ring, and when …

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