Battlefield Bad Company 2 BETA Footage

Battlefield Bad Company 2 BETA Footage

This is Battlefield Informer footage from the Official Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC BETA. Due to there being too much Teamspeak chatter i had to cover it with a audio track.

Playing the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta was a honor and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Being able to jump back into a Modern day Battlefield game and conquer with your squad is so much fun and cannot wait for this game to be fully released next month.

Being fans of the Battlefield franchise from day one and spending a lot of our time on Battlefield 2 we are sure we will be spending a lot of time on Bad Company 2.

The award-winning Battlefield Bad Company 2 has it all – an action-packed single-player campaign and utterly addictive multiplayer matches. Slowly chip away at enemy cover or drop an entire building right on their heads!

Genre: Action, Shooter
Release Date: March 1, 2010
Rating: 16+
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: DICE

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