Battlefield 4 Community Map - Release #1

Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map – Release #1

The Battlefield 4 CTE Community map is progressing very well and in this update it not only updates the CTE but has updated a lot on the community map such as: New Palm oil plantation layout, New lighting across the map.

Russia is now the invading force! These are the changes included in this release:

Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map Changes
Numerous larger changes to the map from an art perspective. I’ll list the most notable ones, the rest you’ll find when playing!
# Moved Temple closer to Ghost Town, updated rock wall – new waterfall and temple layout will come at a later date.
# Moved Logging camp flag closer to Ghost town. Extended ghost town to become a “fishing village” based on stilt houses around the river.
# Swapped teams. Russia is now the “invading” force and china is the defenders – Russia takes the place of the US, and China starts at the mouth of the valley.
# New lighting across the map (not finished)
# New several new tree types
# Art passes at all flags
# New Palm oil plantation layout

Battlefield 4 Community Map Known issues/work in progress
# Conquest Small Russian base side foot spawn broken – will get fixed next build (spawn on vehicles work, and squadmates).
# The temple will get destroyed and broken up into less monolithic pieces
# Passing the river from the palm oil plantation towards C and from C to the temple will get more cover/buildings etc added to ensure safer passage

High Tickrate Changes
# Soldier Movement: Tweaked values of soldier acceleration to more directly mimic the 30hz settings – which means much less A-D spam possibilities. Still feels different due to the input lag differences (button presses are tied to tickrate).

Misc Updates
# Updated transparency values on helicopters to match jet values for cockpits

Summer Patch Coherence
# This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!