Battlefield 4 Community Map - Conquest Release 2

Battlefield 4 Community Map – Conquest Release 2

The Battlefield 4 community map squad have fired out yet another update for the upcoming map, in this new update it contains changes such as: New improved temple, Summer Patch coherence, Better Ghost town area cover and lots more.

Dragon Valley 2015 Release: There was no Assault in Battlefield 2, so we thought the combination of the classic remastered map and the new online mode could be very interesting. We plan to make this variant of “Assault” the largest in the game, as well as introduce destructible bridges into the gameplay.

“But what about my favorite online mode X?”
Don’t worry – other network modes will work on this card as well. But for now, the work is focused on the first three!

Changes to the Dragon Valley map
In this release, we have made some changes both based on feedback and based on the properties of the source material. In addition, the general features of the gameplay have been taken into account. This list also includes an explanation of why we are making these changes and what we hope to achieve (especially when there are differences with the original map).

“Air Ceiling” is raised from the original release. The original figure was 1000, this time it has been reduced to 500. The countdown is relative to the zero mark on the map, so from a practical point of view, the height is still quite high. Helicopters can climb 280 meters above the Chinese airfield (one of the highest points on the map).
Removed US aircraft carrier from the bay. The reason lies partly in the request of the artists, and partly in the inability to protect planes and helicopters from destruction immediately upon revival (spawning).
Big Capture: Chinese planes take off looking at the valley, not the mountain. This will save them from the need to steeply climb up immediately after takeoff (a maneuver for flying around a remote mountain is still needed) and enhances their protection from a stationary anti-aircraft gun.
Big Capture: China has two fixed anti-aircraft guns – one for the protection of ground vehicles, the other for aircraft. The United States has only one, as the equipment is more densely placed.
Big Capture: Removed AMTRAC. They are too slow to effectively change space. In addition, we already have enough light and transport equipment that affects the gameplay.
Added a jet ski for the US, and an ATV for China.
FAC from the USA and BMP from China were replaced with an additional tank (we didn’t like how they were played).

Conquest: Replaced Assault aircraft with Stealth aircraft. We came to the conclusion that unlike open maps like Golmud Railway, heavy vehicles have no room for maneuver and no ability to hide from raids. Additional stealth planes will give pilots a chance to clear the sky from helicopters.
Big Capture: a split helicopter is installed on the helipad near the sawmill
Big Capture: Added an APC spawn point to the market
Placed a battlepickup. Multiple grenade launchers and at least one bolt action sniper rifle.
Additional stationary TOW grenade launchers are placed near the capture points.
Large Capture: Reorganized capturing point lettering.
Large Capture: Fixed Reinforcement Points expiring on Dragon Valley. Initially, the team needed to capture 6 points so that the enemy’s tickets began to slowly decrease. Now you need to control 5 points, and the expiration is accelerated.
Removed some vehicles that appeared on flags. At least one vehicle remained on all flags.
Team Skirmish / noshahr: Some containers in the second version of Noshahr have been moved to open a previously blocked tunnel. Minor changes to the rotation of spawn points.

Air Superiority (not active today): The country of origin of each side’s vehicles is tied to a faction. By default, both teams will use US vehicles. However, on private servers, you can set the nationality of team 1 – then the spawn points will change. This will only work on Dragon Valley.

Update Notes

Dragon Valley map updates
Game modes fixes. Capture and Onslaught updates. Adding adaptive camouflage.
Relocation of Noshahr port to unused territory and restoration of the old port.
Road spline fixes.
Fixed temple materials.
The relief of the territory of the lower pagoda was restored.
Adjusted the terrain around the sawmill and helipad.
Added road splines and vehicle respawn areas in the port.
Fixed cameras at the end of the round.
Adjusted the placement of M-COM stations and cover in “Rush”.
Adjusted the relief of the lanes, made edits to the placement of stones / trees.
New labels for capturing points.
Surface and rock objects have been adjusted.
Changes to the power plant and refinery for the “Assault” mode.
All parts of the crane have been checked, new materials and masks have been introduced.
Updated online modes. Minor changes to “Assault” and “Superiority”.

Air Superiority:
Added US spawn markers. Both teams will be reborn as USA.
Added spawn markers for other factions. A special check of the nationality of team 1 has been introduced.
An empty area near the working village is planted with trees.
Fixed the foundation of the temple gate base.
Added a checkpoint at the workers’ village.
Stones tuned.
Backlight / lighting adjusted.
The relief has been adjusted to adjust the position of small stones.
Updates for online modes. Updated placement of M-COM stations and hideouts based on player feedback.
Adjusted the relief around the waterfall, adjusted the tree shader.
Minor changes on the map and in online modes. Aerial Ceiling raised to 550, ticket expiration fixed on Big Conquest. Moved spawn points.
Improved and optimized water display.

VFX: improved port fire and clouds.
incorrect truck model was replaced with a contactless version with a shadow.
Added travel tool to refinery.

Operation Locker Map Updates
Adjusted spawn points and Warzone boundaries in Large Capture and Small Capture modes to prevent players from spawning outside the map.

Weapon and Gadget Changes
IR Smoke has been fixed to work in water, camera exposure settings have been aligned.
New motion sensor explosion effect. The previous effect was taken from the general set and simply repeated.
Included real default paint job for AKU-12, CS-LR4, DBV-12, ACE 21, ACE 52, ACE 53, 93R, RPK-12, SCAR-H SV, SVD-12, Type-95B-1, UMP- nine. The coloration can be found at the bottom of the list in the interface.

Technique Changes
Laser targeting fixes.
TOW rockets rotate more after launch.
Hitting the plane should work more reliably.
Auto-loading shells and feed tape are suspended from all weapons.

Descent time reduced to 6.5 from 10.
Improved hit registration on small moving targets.
Explosive tank shells:
Reload time reduced to 2.5 from 3.0.
Reduced damage to 180 from 200.
Reduced internal explosion radius to 1.25 from 1.3.
Reduced explosion radius to 5 from 5.5.
Reduced auto-refill delay to 8 s 10.

Increased auto-refill delay of the main gun to 14 s 12.

Descent time reduced to 7 from 10.
Improved registration of hits on small moving targets.

TOW (ground vehicles):
Reload time and rate of fire adjusted to match the attack helicopter.
Rate of fire increased to 150 from 120.
Reload time increased to 5 from 3.6.

Air-to-air missiles (except active radar):
Increased aperture angle to 6 s 5.

Anti-helicopter mine:
Acceleration and maximum speed have been adjusted to match heat-seeking missiles.

GAU Cannon:
Reduced cocking time, as the previously introduced speed inheritance effectively increased its range.

Damage Changes:
Reduced the damage of miniguns to attack boats by 20%.

Air-to-air missile guidance fix:
Stinger and Needle projectile motion and delay have been adjusted to match air-to-air missiles on vehicles.
Increased the mobility of air-to-air missiles with manual guidance support (this does not affect the reliability of countermeasures).

Attack helicopter interface:
Improved tag for TOW missiles.
Increased altitude for aircraft:
Submarine base: 200 + 240 = 440.
Walker Factory: 220 + 260 = 480.
Aircraft repair speed restored.
Removed speed inheritance from missiles with active radar guidance fired from the ground.

Fall Update Compliance
This release also includes full integration with the Fall patch.