Battlefield 3 Aftermath Talah Market Overview

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Talah Market Overview

This week, an overview of Battlefield 3 Talah Market from the Battlefield Aftermath DLC.

Whilst all four maps in Aftermath are themed around the same concept of a post-earthquake environment, they all play differently.

Team play is always at the forefront when designing maps at the DICE studio, and Talah Market internally nicknamed simply “Marketplace” is no exception. A lot of the designers at the studio are big fans of classic competitive shooters like Counter-Strike, and for Aftermath, they wanted to bring some of that old-school shooter tradition into the mix with a fiercely competitive map where it’s kill or get killed as you can see in this specially created fly-through.

We look at the challenges the team at DICE faced when designing the Talah market map to encourage different play styles, such as sniping, big standoffs, mid-range encounters as well as fast paced close quarters action.

Talah Market plays more like an “arena” than your typical Rush mode from A to B to C. This is the map where, more than any other, you play to show off your skills both as an individual and as a tightly knit team.

Aftermath is out this December and is included with Battlefield 3: Premium. You can also purchase it separately.

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