Battlefield 1 Tsaritsyn Map

Battlefield 1 Tsaritsyn Map

This Battlefield 1 Tsaritsyn Map takes place during a conflict between the Red Army and White Guard during 1918 – 1920 called the Battle of Tsaritsyn.

The end goal of the conflict was to reclaim lost territory that is currently in control of White Guard.

What is the Battlefield 1 Tsaritsyn Map about?
Tsaritsyn is one of 6 maps that will be released in September as part of the expansion Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar.

How can I play Tsaritsyn?
If you’re an owner of a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, you have access to Tsaritsyn. When active, you can also take advantage of Battlefield 1 Premium Friends which lets you play the map if you squad up with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owner, or Battlefield 1 Premium Trials which works similarly, but without the need to join a friend**.

What armies are available?
On Tsaritsyn, you will be able to play as either the Red Army or the White Guard forces.

What game modes can I play on Tsaritsyn?
Tsaritsyn will be available on all modes, some of our personal favorites include Conquest, Operations, and Domination.

What weapons and vehicles are available on Tsaritsyn?
With Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, weapons from previously-released expansion packs and the upcoming Battlefield 1 In the Name of the Tsar expansion pack are available on Tsaritsyn. The map is predominantly an infantry + cavalry encounter however, you can also expect to see support from the Mark V Landship.

How does the lack of vehicles affect the gameplay?
Tsaritsyn is one of the few maps in the upcoming expansion that features very little vehicle support, and this puts the power and flow of combat directly into the hands of your squad mates. The fight turns fierce and savage as players vie for control of key locations across the map including the Cathedral of Light at the center of Tsaritsyn.

Why is Tsaritsyn so fun to play?
Within the ruins of a depleted city, you could find an enemy player lurking behind every corner. Overcome makeshift barricades and ransacked merchant offices as the fight makes way for one of the brutalist battles yet.