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Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep Map

Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep is one of six maps for the upcoming expansion In the Name of The Tsar.

Battlefield 1 Brusilov Keep is a close quarters combat map and set towards the south of the Carpathians.

What is Brusilov Keep?
Brusilov Keep is a tight infantry-focused map that takes players through sheer close quarter combat where an enemy could be behind every fallen tree, rocky outcrop and ruined building.

Where and when is the map set?
Brusilov Keep takes place during the last push of the Brusilov Offensive towards the south of the Carpathians as the Russians continue to apply pressure on the Austro-Hungarian forces.

How can I play Brusilov Keep?
If you’re an owner of a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, you have access to Brusilov Keep. When active, you can also take advantage of Battlefield 1 Premium Friends which lets you play the map if you squad up with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass owner, or Battlefield 1 Premium Trials which works similarly, but without the need to join a friend**.

What armies are available?
On Brusilov Keep, you can play as either the Russian Army or the Austrian-Hungarian forces.

What game modes can I play on Brusilov Keep?
Brusilov Keep will be available on all modes, some of our personal favorites include Conquest, Supply Drop and Team Deathmatch.

What weapons and vehicles are available on Brusilov Keep?
With Battlefield 1 Premium Pass, weapons from previously-released expansion packs and the upcoming In the Name of the Tsar expansion pack are available on Brusilov Keep. The map is heavily focused around infantry combat but will feature the new armored truck, the Putilov-Garford.

How does the focus on infantry affect the gameplay?
Brusilov Keep is one of the few maps that focus on very little vehicle support, there are light vehicles but most of the combat is heavily focused towards infantry combat as you fight from building to ruin throughout the map

Why is Brusilov Keep so fun to play?
Brusilov Keep is an intense action packed map with few places for respite, rolling hills dominated by cavalry and light vehicles and the inner village is a nest for both forces as they try to claim control over the area.