Battlefield Hardline Cross-hair Mode

Battlefield Hardline Cross-hair Mode

Battlefield Hardline Cross-hair Mode: Visceral have revealed some new info about one of Battlefield Hardlines game modes called Cross-hair.

Apparently this is Battlefield Hardlines most hardcore and competitive multiplayer mode.

Frederik Gareau – MP Gameplay Engineer
Since the development team has been playing Battlefield Hardline internally for so long, we wanted to make use of our experience and share what we’ve learned.

So here I am, talking about Cross-hair, a new Battlefield mode featured in Hardline. It’s rather straight forward: the cops are escorting a VIP to safety while the criminals are trying to eliminate that VIP. It is one of two modes geared towards more competitive play styles. Just like Rescue, two 5-player teams face each other and there are no respawns. The first team to win 5 rounds wins the match. As simple as this may sound, the strategy involved gets pretty interesting.

Let me give you some insight.

The single-elimination aspect of Cross-hair means a run-and-gun Leeroy Jenkins approach isn’t usually the most effective. This makes the battlefield a lot quieter, especially with the lower player count. So be cautious because every step you take, every door you open and every shot you fire can reveal your position to the enemy. That’s where some gadgets and accessories become essential. The Stealth gadget will allow you to be much more subtle when running or opening doors, using a suppressor means firing your weapon won’t mark you on the enemy’s mini-map and if all else fails, the Decoy gadget can easily confuse the other team.

When defending, spotting is winning: the VIP will be marked for your entire team when he is spotted. Be alert though as the VIP won’t stay spotted for long with his Fast Unspot perk. While some teammates are scouting and engaging with the VIP and his bodyguards, you still need to make sure both extraction points are covered. I personally like to stay back, place a couple Tripmines, cover all the angles with a Camera and react to the VIP’s push. Some might say this is the Professional way to go!

If you’re the VIP, stay vigilant, you are the target and one mistake can cost your team the round. Keep in mind that you will probably be at a disadvantage in firefights with your only weapon, the Bald Eagle, even if it’s shiny gold. The conservative approach is to stick with teammates so they can protect you, although sneaking away from the hotspots can work if well executed. Also, you have the key to a special battle pickup that you can unlock for anyone on your team to use. Grabbing that powerful weapon could give you the edge needed to win.

Everyone on the team should have a role, whether you’re running a specific route or covering a particular area. Be ready to adapt to the other team’s successful strategies; surprise them with a twist of your own by using unique routes with the help of Zip-lines and Grapple Hooks. Communication is the only way to achieve that and it’s by far the best way to improve your odds of winning… and of having a blast!

Weird, now I really want to play some Cross-hair. I can’t wait for March 17th to play with you guys!