Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway

Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway

Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway – If you did not know already and own Battlefield Hardline you can download one of it’s expansions (Getaway) for free… Yes for free!!

Be aware the Free Battlefield Hardline Getaway expansion is only available until June 7th 2016, so what are you waiting for? Get moving soldiers!

Four Massive Maps
Cruise down the Pacific Highway, jump over train tracks in Train Dodge, blast over the border in Double Cross, or make an on-foot escape in Diversion.

New Weapons and Vehicles
Make your escape in four new vehicles, bring the fight to your foe with three new weapons, and get tactical with a new gadget.

New Game Mode: Capture the Bag
Similar to Capture the Flag, two teams clash over bags of cash that must be delivered safely to each team’s base.

Community Mission: Hotwire Score
Hit the streets in Battlefield Hardline’s Hotwire mode and collectively score 500,000,000 points to get a Gold Battlepack**. This mission is active between May 31, 2016 9AM PT and June 6, 2016 9AM PT.

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