Battlefield 4 CTE Spring Patch #40

Battlefield 4 CTE Spring Patch #40

A new Battlefield 4 CTE Spring update has just hit the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment and it brings fixes for weapons, sound crashes, night vision, gun master mode and a few other things.

Today’s release includes a potential fix for the dreaded “sound” crash (which might, or might not be related to the sound-screech issue).

We will know if we have fixed the crash by looking at crash reports, so the more of you that play and enjoy gunmaster and the new weapons – the better :).

These are changes in this patch:

Potential crash fix for “sound” issue
Will be confirmed via our crash collection – so play more!

Night Vision
Turned on vehicle lighting for projectiles that need to appear in thermal.
Applied thermal process to Dam Levolution and ambient FX.
Applied thermal process to Flooded’s dam Levolution FX.

Gunmaster Updates
Made ‘assists count as kills’ to count as confirmed kills – please give feedback!
Updated gunmaster widget positions.
Added updated art textures for hud elements.

Weapon Updates
L86a2 bipod now skinned correctly.

Friendly fire shouldn’t be locked on the preset for CLASSIC
Removed the lock on the preset (PC Only).

Sniper weapon tracer/Impact fix
Should now make it visible in far distance to increase weapon interaction. Fog fade is disabled.

Test range updates
Fix barrel logic, general bug fixes.