Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 - Notes

Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0

The Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 will be going live tomorrow: April 19. This is quite a big update and finally brings VOIP to the game, at long last!

The Battlefield 2042 Update 4.0 Notes below are officially sourced. They also include many further changes and bug fixes detailed in full below, such as:

*Balance adjustments to Specialists such as updated Traits for Rao and Paik, and improvements to Sundance’s Specialty, with a focus on their Anti-Armor Grenades being more effective against targets in their immediate vicinity.
*Vehicle balance changes such as making the M5C Bolte’s passengers easier to target, and a reduction in power for its Missile Launcher.
*Fixes for being unable to ADS after exiting a vehicle, or being unable to revive players near objects.
*Improved Ribbons and XP Events to make them easier to unlock across modes.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is now available in Battlefield 2042.

There are two voice chat channels to choose between: Party and Squad. Settings for VoIP can be adjusted via Options / Sound / Voice – Chat while in-game.

In Update 3.3 we released the UI refresh for the Scoreboard. Following this update this UI refresh will now also be available during the End of Round screens.

Weapon Attachments
With Update 4.0 we’ve overhauled the behaviour of many weapon attachments to ensure that their impact when customizing your weapons is unique, and noticeable. Previously, some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them.

We encourage you to experiment with the refreshed weapon attachments to see how they feel after the update, and you’ll be able to read the full set of changes further down the page.


Made several improvements to Kill Assists
Damage Assists trigger from a lower damage threshold, improving consistency and clarity
EMP Grenades now trigger Assists more reliably
Assists can now trigger when a teammate kills an enemy and either of them were covered in smoke you deployed.
Fixed EMP effects persisting on screen
Fixed a bug where equipping a weapon attachment from the item reveal menu would in some scenarios reset the full customization on that weapon back to defaults
Fixed a bug where the player’s saved customization would sometimes be reset to defaults after joining a server
Simplified keybinds for Chat and VoIP
Switch weapon for Gunner can now be properly bound in key bindings
Airplane and Helicopter sensitivity settings added to the Options menu

Matchmaking & Social
Fixed a matchmaking error that could occur after quitting a Hazard Zone server
Matchmaking information is now visible in the Player Card screen
Fixed a bug where a user encounters a matchmaking loop and gets sent back to the lobby.
Disbanding a party before joining it no longer incorrectly shows the “Remove EA Friend” prompt

Progression and Unlocks
Adjusted Ribbons to make them easier to unlock across all modes, especially in Rush
Further adjustments to specific Ribbons:
Logistics – Progress earned from repairing friendly vehicles has been increased, and progress earned from healing and resupplying has been reduced
Objective – Kills or Assists while fighting for objectives in Breakthrough now also give progress
Intel – Progress for hitting enemy vehicles with EMP’s has been doubled
Combat – Destroying an enemy Ranger now rewards Ribbon progress
Combat & Wingman – Kills and Assists on enemy Players in Hazard Zone now give increased progress
Mastery for the Mi-240 Super Hind, MV-38 Condor, and MAV now gets progress as intended when teammates spawn in on your vehicle
Cosmetics and weapon attachments are now correctly marked as New when unlocked
XP from support actions has been increased, while XP from objective actions has been decreased to compensate:
Projectile Destroyed, with Irish’ APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, from 5 -> 10 XP
Enemy Disrupted with EMP, from 10 -> 20 XP
Equipment Destroyed, from 5 -> 10 XP
Healing, from 5 -> 20 XP
Resupply, from 5 -> 20 XP
Repairing, from 5 -> 20 XP
Ranger Destroyed, from 25 -> 75 XP
Objective Neutralized, from 250 -> 200 XP
Objective Captured, form 375 -> 200 XP
Sector/Objective Defended, from 15 -> 10 XP.
Added an XP event for killing a downed enemy in Hazard Zone
Repairing Ranger now correctly triggers the repairing XP event


Fixed players or AI Soldiers sometimes not spawning in the correct HQ area.

Fixes a bug where players were still receiving damage from the Tornado while inside the Stadium.

Sprinklers are now active for 9, instead of 20 seconds.
Sprinklers no longer deal damage.
Sprinklers should no longer affect players outside the building.
The freeze effect in the HUD is less intense.
Fixed an issue where players could shoot through the tires of some trucks on Kaleidoscope.

Fire from the rocket explosion event is no longer invisible and will slowly dissipate.

Fixed a bug where soldiers and vehicles would be affected by the storm while inside buildings.
Reduced rubber banding when key events such as the rocket launch get triggered.
Bollards and ramps should no longer be triggered by deployed gadgets.
Toxic barrels now continue dealing area damage if another nearby barrel gets destroyed shortly after.
Fixed a bug/exploit where players were able to deploy gadgets or shields that would intersect with MCOMs, not allowing them to be disarmed.
Fixed a bug where container doors were still presenting the interaction prompt after being destroyed.
Updated destruction behaviour for fences.
Minor prop objects at distance now pop more slowly
Added support for traversal on objects linked to moving platforms
Enabled cover occlusion for player damage from explosions
Fixed a bug when elevator doors weren’t synced for players joining later during a match
Players can now sneak and open doors close to them while ADS
We’ve resolved multiple smaller issues across all maps that could negatively impact gameplay:
Fixed some areas where players could get stuck
Fixed floating of items
Fixed some collision areas that caused players to fall through items/the map
Fixed areas where planes could go through terrain while out of bounds
Fixed being unable to interact with some objects
Fixed some areas where players were able to see through the map
Fixed behaviour on some interactable objects such as doors
Fixed clipping of objects such as vegetation

Battlefield Portal
Made several improvements to the Portal Browser
Name/Description is now auto-filled when creating an Experience
Name/Description fields of preset Experiences are now empty by default
Browsing Experiences remembers your previous search query
Resolved instances where the Browse tabs didn’t function correctly when applying custom filters
Made adjustments to the chase camera on a number of vehicles in Battlefield Portal
Fixed an issue which could cause a game crash when players were near a Kübelwagen
Players no longer remain in a stuck trigger animation after deploying C4 and immediately jumping into a vehicle
The Defibrillator can no longer be equipped while swimming
Stationary Machine Guns will now be destroyed alongside accompanying towers
Added new VO lines for destroying or capturing objectives
Added new VO line for tower collapse event on Caspian Border
The tower on Caspian Border will now have improved barrage & projectile VFX before its collapse
Players can now switch back to their secondary weapon on an Experience with all primary weapons disabled
The Cycle Primary Weapon key binding now properly cycles to the secondary weapon if the player doesn’t have a primary one
You should now always automatically have your last played loadout in the next round
Spawns on El-Alamein have been moved to prevent becoming stuck after deploying in FFA Mode
Battle of the Bulge – the screen now changes to sepia when going out of bounds near the tank battle vista area
Numerous fixes for floating rocks and cliff faces in Valparaiso, Arica Harbor, El-Alamein, and Caspian Border

Bad Company 2
You can now switch back to the Mortar Strike gadget while it’s recharging
You can now switch out from the Mortar Strike gadget using the inventory prev/next bindings (default mouse wheel) while it is recharging
Fixed an issue where weapon under barrel attachments would trigger on button press even if the weapon was not selected at the time
Rush – updated M-Com screens with arming/disarming progress bars and countdown timer

Fixed the wrong VO playing when giving attacking orders as Dozer
Fixed issue where Falck’s gadget VO would trigger when hitting enemies
The healing sound will now always play when Falck heals herself with the S21 Syrette Pistol
Adjusted Wingsuit audio for Sundance so they are easier to hear for enemies
Added surface scrape sounds to vehicle with tracks when rotating stationary
Improved audio across amphibious vehicles
The MD540 Nightbird and AH-64GX Apache Warchief now have the correct audio cues when Air-to-Ground missiles are ready to be used
Destroying a gadget should no longer trigger vehicle destroyed voice over
Improved at range audio for the Recon Drone
Low health sound should no longer get stuck when going into a vehicle
Added audio VFX for turning on/off the Flashlight attachment
The Prox Sensor should no longer emit warning sounds if no enemies are within reach
Soldiers should no longer hear the opposite ping VO being triggered from a 3P view
Improved audio consistency for vehicle call-ins
Improving cockpit audio experience when driving enclosed Land Vehicles in first person.
Tweaked the vaulting sound when climbing ladders.
Added audio for birds on Renewal.
Added audio for destroying screens in the Synseco laboratory lobby in Renewal.
Improved audio for damage caused by storms.
Improved audio for vehicle gear shifting.
Fixed an issue where rapidly pressing fire on a Sniper Rifle would play an audio cue as if two shots were fired.
Improved audio for the M5C Bolte, EBAA Wildcat and MD540 Nightbird when they pass by players.


Fixed air vehicles being able to spawn at the opponents HQ in start of the round.

Hazard Zone
Successful missions should no longer be shown as failed.
You can no longer use a Redeploy Call-in when all players in a squad are alive.
Removed placement ranking stats from End of Round screen in Hazard Zone.
Adjusted costs of several Hazard Zone weapons and gadgets.
The roaming AI LATV’s should no longer fail to spawn, or spawn at the wrong times.
Soldiers should no longer be stuck in a man down state.
Hazard Zone end of round now shows all kills, instead of just human player kills..
Hazard Zone end of round now properly shows in round instead of lifetime respawns.
A collected Data Drive will no longer be permanently marked on the mini-map.
Players can no longer move their character in Hazard Zone after dying or bleeding out.

Fixed issues with Rush declaring the winning team prematurely and/or incorrectly.
Deploying gadgets over Rush M-COMS should no longer prevent arming it.

Adjusted spawn locations to prevent spawning out of bounds.

AI Soldiers
AI Soldiers will no longer appear lagging while entering a vehicle.
AI Soldiers can now repair combat vehicles in All-Out Warfare.
Improvements to AI Soldiers operating Helicopters.
Improvements to AI Soldiers reviving human players.

Fixed some issues where the player would be impossible to hit when entering an exposed vehicle seat
Fixed an issue where dead soldiers or friendly soldiers would block bullets
Fixed further instances of not being able to revive players when some of their body parts were clipping with assets/geometry
Fixed players not being able to place deployables in certain areas
Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to jump or vault after reviving someone
Fixed an issue where players would have 2 hands on a rifle while sprinting on a steep slope
Fixed losing input when jumping on/off the ladders
Fixed players appearing to fly after meleeing water
Fixed soldiers sometimes becoming invisible while downed
Fixed players sometimes going into downed state, instead of dying if killed in an out of bounds area
Fixed players entering a downed state after crashing with an air vehicle
Fixed players sometimes entering a downed state state while under water
Fixed players sometimes being thrown up in the air after getting revived
Fixed an issue where redeploying your soldier could cause dropped weapons to float
Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be possible to crawl under certain obstacles while prone
Fixed an issue where the player’s camera could sometimes clip through the ground or objects when prone
Fixed an issue where the soldiers could fly when dropping down from steep areas
Fixed an issue where certain camera transitions would force the player’s FOV to be reset to the default FOV (55°)
Fixed an issue where it is possible to die when entering a vehicle right after performing a melee attack while in the air
FOV should no longer break after switching weapons on ladders
Improved traversal across moving objects
Updated animations for directional vaults
Soldiers will no longer die when swimming close to or under a water vehicle

Fixed an issue which would cause broken weapon animations while sprinting into world objects such as a wall
Fixed an issue where reload animations would play incorrectly
Fixed an issue where aborting a revive caused first person animations to break
Resolved several corrupted eye animations
Improved the preview animations of deployable objects
Improved left arm animations while crawling with a MCS-880
Improved left hand animations when using an under barrel attachment while sprinting
Sprinting out of water while swimming no longer puts you in a stuck sliding animation
Left hand animations should no longer break when entering and exiting vehicles
Players should no longer experience looping revive animations when downed
Gunners should no longer sometimes clip behind vehicles while driving
Made revive animations smoother
Switching weapons in a vehicle open seat will no longer result in a broken animation
Toned down weapon movement during initial ADS after deploy
Smoothed out the transition animations for camera and weapon movement when switching between stand/crouch
Jumping into water while reloading will no longer cause a broken reload animation
You can no longer see through your hands while using the SWS-10 or DXR-1 in prone position during reload
Polished idle animations for rifles


Fixed a bug where Angel’s Supply Bag won’t land when bouncing close to a vehicle
Fixed instances where Angel’s Supply Bag didn’t activate correctly
Fixed some occurrences that could cause the mesh of Angel’s Supply Bag to copy itself onto other thrown projectiles

Made all vehicle types able to smash through Irish’s Deployable Cover
Resolved instances where Irish’s Fortification System couldn’t be placed on angled terrain
Fixed a bug where the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel would not always stop targets if blocked by a soldier standing on it
Fixed an issue where players could see the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel in an infinite firing loop at an unidentified target

The SOB-8 Ballistic Shield and main weapon can no longer equipped at the same time when bashing or entering a vehicle
Dozer now becomes vulnerable for a short time when the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield is hit by heavy fire such as from tanks
Dying as Dozer while holding the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield will no longer cause you to be resurrected with the shield active
Reviving Dozer with the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield active no longer makes you float upwards
Repeatedly pressing the Prone and SOB-8 Ballistic Shield buttons as Dozer will no longer result in the player having the shield up while prone
Performing a take down on Dozer with an active SOB-8 Ballistic Shield will now play the correct animation
Fixed a bug where Repair Tools caused the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield to deflect bullets
Fixed an issue where the SOB-8 Ballistic Shield could bash through thin walls.

Rao’s Cyber Warfare Suite should now feel more responsive
Resolved bugs related to using the Cyber Warfare Suite ability without an active target
Once the Cyber Warfare Suite ability finishes, your target is now reset
Replaced Trojan Network with the Thread Perception Trait:
When Rao takes damage from enemy fire, he will automatically spot the enemy for himself

Replaced Threat Perception with the Eagle Eyed Trait:
Players damaged by Paik are now spotted for everyone
Updated Paik’s Mastery criteria to align with her new Trait

The OV-P Recon Drone can now be descend with Crouch toggle buttons
The rotors on the OV-P Recon Drone are now placed correctly
The spotting sound now plays correctly while using the OV-P Recon Drone
The OV-P Recon Drone now remembers it’s direction upon re-entry
Resolved wrong text displaying when OV-P Recon Drone
Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent you from flying the OV-P Recon Drone upwards if you entered it while crouching

The SG-36 Sentry Gun should no longer clip outside elevators
A tank running over the SG-36 Sentry Gun will now destroy it

Fixed Anti-Armor Grenades that locked on to targets which were too far away
Anti-Armor Grenades now filter by angle and distance in a more accurate way, and have the same priority for air/ground vehicles
Anti-Armor Grenades no longer swap targets when already tracking a target and have reduced maximum range once unfolded and in flight
Anti-Armor Grenades now have different tracking radius for ground and air vehicles
Anti-Armor Grenades no longer target Irish’s Deployable Cover or APS-36 Shootdown Sentry
Anti-Armor Grenades track properly if left sleeping on the ground now, instead of simply exploding
Improved the speed when switching through Sundance’s Grenade Belt
Scatter Grenade detonation timings adjusted to let them explode quicker
Landing on rough terrain no longer causes Sundance to bounce up in the air
Fixed a rare issue where Sundance’s body could become detached from a vehicle upon entry while landing onto the vehicle from the wingsuit, causing Sundance to become invisible

Falck’s S21 Syrette Pistol can now be equipped while swimming
Fixed an issue in prologue where Falcks syringe did not spawn a pickup on the ground
Reduced the distance at which the S21 Syrette Pistol’s dart is visible

Made it easier for Mackay to grapple onto moving vehicles
Players can no longer take damage from the Grappling Hook while downed
Adjusted Mackay’s walk animation when aiming down sight, the sight should no longer misalign with where shots are fired
Resolved issues where smoke stopped the Grappling Hook from working
The Grappling Hook crosshair should now correctly pick up objects while in range
Looking as far left/right you can while grappling while pressing A/D no longer allows you to slow down or speed up
Fixed a rare occurrence where entering a vehicle after using the Grappling Hook could cause Mackay to become invisible


HUD – hints for Reload, Low ammo and No ammo will now blink a few seconds and then fade out. Switching weapons in these states will restart this animation
HUD – added critical (red) and out of bounds (gray) color to WorldInfo, SoldierInfo and SoldierCompass HUD widgets
HUD – centered soldier compass direction readout and added positioning arrow shape
HUD – added scaling options for the Mini-map/team, Personal Log, World Log, Player/Vehicle Info, Chat and Vehicle Passenger List
HUD – added critical state for vehicles
Added new options that allow players to scale the transparency of many different icons in the HUD (Friendly icons, Squad member icons, Enemy Icons, Revive Icons, Objective Icons and Ping Marker Icons). Each icon type can have a different transparency when zoomed or not zoomed. The option can be found under DISPLAY > HUD ICONS.
Added a Chat Log Visibility option to allow players to set the default visibility mode of the chat log (which allows it to be turned OFF on console where no key bindings exists to change visibility in-game)
Adjusted scaling of objective icons over distance, they will now start scaling at 50m (instead of 100m) and stop scaling at 500m instead (instead of 1000m)
Solved an issue where friendly icons were too enlarged
The “Need Healing” icon is no longer visible over friendlies while playing as Angel without a Medical Crate
The grenade indicator no longer remains after the grenade has already exploded
The killcard should now always update after being killed by AI Soldiers shortly after self healing
SG-36 Sentry Gun and OV-P Recon Drone are now shown/hidden depending on gadget availability
Fixed a bug where the minimap didn’t update when entering an air vehicle from the ground
Fixed a problem that caused hints to disappear on initial deploy into vehicles
Made animations for the Plus Menu smoother
Added 24 new options to control the opacity and size of HUD icons
Added missing Always Traversal Sprint option under CONTROLLER tab.


Fixed an issue that prevented equipping of the IBA Armor Plate if you were being healed at the same time
Using the IBA Armor Plate no longer causes the plate to flicker and reappear on screen after use
Fixed a bug where players were able to deploy items to clip ladders and ziplines which could block passage
Improved the positioning of the preview of deployed objects (such as Boris’s turret) to better reflect the surface the player is trying to place it on, instead of hovering in the air.
Gadgets should no longer be destroyed if a door opens or closes close to them
Fixed an issue where gadgets resupplied via the Loadout Crate caused the player to not be able to redeploy their chosen gadget later on during that life
EMP effect from grenades no longer extend past their visual explosion radius
Fixed an issue that allowed players to drop Ammo and Medical Crates through thin walls
CG Recoilless M5 / RPG / SMAW will now one shot Ranger if it’s a direct hit
The CG Recoilless M5 will no longer automatically reload while you are downed if you died after firing it.
Fixed an issue causing empty reloads on the Recoilless M5 to be interrupted when vaulting.
Fix for issue where users were able to detonate the C5 Explosive while being hacked.
Fixed an issue where both soldier Anti-Tank Mine & the Bolte’s Anti-Tank Mine would respawn after a short while if the player died.
The Repair Tool now turns off when a player dies.
Made it easier to place the Insertion Beacon.
You’ll now spawn in the same direction where the Insertion Beacons is facing when spawning on it
Fixed an issue that would allow players to shoot FXM-33 AA missiles while their target was in smoke
Fixed an issue where FXM-33 AA Missile did not become enabled again until the user switched to another weapon and back again after being affected by EMP.
Fixing a issue where Smoke Grenades did not explode on moving cranes.

Weapon Attachments
The behaviour of many weapon attachments has been overhauled to ensure that their impact when customizing your weapons is unique, and noticeable. Previously, some attachments had effects that were too similar from others, and it was unclear what the impact on your weapons would be when switching between them. Here’s an example of updated behaviour while customizing the AC-42:
Battlefield 2042 AC-42 Customizing

A – Warhawk Compensator
Update 3.3: improved horizontal recoil control, reduced vertical recoil control
Update 4.0: improved recoil control, reduced weapon accuracy

B – Rattlesnake Light Grip
Update 3.3: improved accuracy while moving, reduced accuracy while static
Update 4.0: :increased hipfire accuracy, reduced accuracy while ADS

C – Maul Hybrid 1.5X-3X
ADS speed decreased in 4.0
Zoom levels and Optics toggle options persist

D – Subsonic Rounds
Base recoil reduced in 4.0
Reduced Muzzle Flash visibility
Decreased projectile velocity

Further changes to Weapon Attachments:
Factory and Extended Barrel descriptions now display the correct fire rate changes
Weapon modifiers are now correctly applied when swapping attachments while the bipod is equipped
Fixed an issue that would cause the 40mm Grenade Launcher attachment to hit an invisible wall when fired indoors
Fixed an issue which would grant unlimited ammo if magazine attachments were toggled in between firing the underbarrel attachment
Fixed some weapons displaying wrong ammo counts for specific magazines
Adding and removing attachments in the Plus Menu will now always correctly apply their statistic changes
Underbarrel activations such as flashlights and laser sights will no longer be reset after getting revived
Bipod attachments will no longer toggle on and off while reloading
The ADS time on the BKS 8X now matches that of other scope attachments
Adjusted the size of the DD Holo scope to bring it in line with other scopes
Reduced blur on the Ghost Hybrid scope
Some underbarrel attachments should no longer have a shared ammo pool
The Maul Hybrid and the Ghost Hybrid now correctly displays both scope zoom levels in the Collection screen
The Fusion Holo attachment no longer clips through the meshes on the following weapons: AK-24, LCMG, PP-29 and the SFAR-M GL
Fixed clipping issues with the camera when the Fusion Holo optic is equipped while ADS


The high powered magazine for the AK24 now shows the correct amount of bullets
Fixed an issue where players were unable to fire straight away after reloading the Grenade Launcher attachment on the M5A3
Updated text descriptions for both the NTW-50 and DM7
Fixed an issue which caused the extended magazine for the PBX-45 to have a slight delay before it fires after reload
Located a missing ‘R’ in the description of the PKP-BP
Increased PKP-BP Base Recoil
Fixed an issue that would cause weapon lag across scopes for the M44
The missing bullet on the M44 has been located
The M44 now displays the correct reload animation while in prone
Fixed an issue with the M44 that caused the scope to move a lot more than intended when aiming around
Arcom Tactical Muzzle Brake no longer floats when equipped onto the MP9
Increased the long range damage on SWS-10 light ammo from 35-40 over 75 meters
The Iron Sight will no longer be visible when the Fusion Holo is equipped to the PP-29
Fixed an issue with the incorrect ammo pools to be set on the PP-29, which would show incorrect ammo quantities
Fixed the PP-29 medium and subsonic ammunition having inverted ammo pools
Fixed an issue which could cause underabarrels on the SFAR-M GL to unexpectedly run out of ammo
Recentered the iron sight on the DXR-1
AC42 Bullet Damage drop off increased
AC42 effective range has been lowered
Reduced scope shake when firing on the DM7 and VCAR
Fixed an issue where weapons would have inconsistent dispersion or recoil
Fixed an issue which prevented bullets from dealing the correct damage amount
Bolt Action Sniper rifles now correctly play their animation after opening the Plus Menu and firing
Reload prompt will no longer stop flashing when there are only a few bullets left in the magazine
Reloading while ADS will no longer reset the camera zoom
Fixed an issue which could cause weapons to become invisible while climbing a ladder
Fixed an issue which caused some players to be unable to shoot or ADS after exiting a vehicle
Toggle Scope is now affected by soldier controller schemes
Weapons in the collection screen will no longer compare to the weapon selected in deploy screen which caused incorrect comparisons
Improved the visual quality of the crosshairs and red dots within high powered scopes while on low/medium graphic settings
Removed some double spacing within text descriptions of multiple weapons
Reduced scope shake when firing on the DM7 and VCAR
Fixing broken arm when doing pump action while crawling with the MCS-880
Improved weapon animation when deploying from a vehicle
Added a game hint for steady scope
Weapons should no longer slide over the floor when dropped
Made improvements to the position and drop timing for dropped weapons
Underbarrel shotgun crosshair does not disappear after zooming

Animation fixes related to melee takedowns
Fixed an issue where the camera was misplaced during a takedown
Fix related to targets flying away when doing a takedown on a moving platform
Fix where melee hits didn’t register consistently on moving targets
Fixed a bug where the player could throw a grenade and melee at the same time
Fixed a bug where player could get stuck in melee animation
Fixed a bug where doing a melee attack in prone could make the knife stuck until another melee was initiated
Fixed an issue which would cause guns to instead play a knife animation


As outlined in our recent Core Feedback, we are adjusting the number of active vehicles across maps and modes, and you’ll notice the first iteration of this change within this update. As an example of how that plays out on Breakthrough 64 for Kaleidoscope, here is how we adjusted total available vehicles in the match, per Sector:

Sector 1 – 17 -> 13
Sector 2 – 18 -> 17
Sector 3 – 19 -> 17

Health for soldier and vehicle now show correct values for all seats in the vehicle
The radar will now appear correctly while redploying on a team/squad mate in the Mi-240 Super Hind or MV-38 Condor
Killing someone with a Tuk-Tuk would sometimes show the wrong vehicle icon the kill card
Destroying either the Tuk-Tuk or Polaris Sportsman in a tunnel will no longer cause floating debris to be present
Players can now ping while driving vehicles in 3rd person view
Fixed an issue that would cause reversing in a tank to be problematic
Fixed an issue that would allow players to skip the equipment cooldown timer while in a helicopter
Players will no longer find themselves in a floating state while exiting a fighter jet upside down
Fixed an issue which would cause vehicles to not be deployed when called-in, but still shown as ‘in-play’
Fixed an issue that would allow players to shoot AT missiles while their target was in smoke
Adjusted text on the vehicle zoom options in order to make it clearer what the option does
Tornados should no longer throw a helicopter under the world, resulting in passengers ending up under water
Fixed an issue that would sometimes affect the visibility of flares
Exiting and re-entering a tank will no longer result in a misaligned camera
Fixed an issue that could allow helicopters to fly under the game world on Hourglass
Fixed an issue that would cause the AA missile launch to skip the yellow lock on phase, jumping straight to red
Fixed an issue that could sometimes cause helicopters to spawn on the ground
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to fall through the world when deploying into a tank
Fixed an issue that would allow players to manually reload weapons on certain vehicles.
Air radar should now correctly display enemies.
System repair would sometimes only replenish a few health points, this has been corrected.
It was possible for players to hurt themselves with some explosive vehicle weapons during the vehicle enter animations, this has been disabled.
It’s no longer possible to shoot yourself for a short period of time when entering a vehicle.
Vehicle hints will now show up on initial deployment.
Vehicle “invert look” settings are no longer connected to flight controls.
Fixed an issue that would allow players to instant lock onto a vehicle after flares have been used.
Lights on air vehicles are now turned on when a player is in the cockpit.
Fixed an issue which would occasionally see the AH-64GX Apache Warchief or KA-520 Super Hokum Smart rockets ignore their target.
A specific concrete block was causing the T28 to become stuck. The T28 has overcome its fear and can now traverse over it.
Invert vertical look is now working as expected on transport vehicles.
Vehicle 3rd person camera no longer clips through the environment.
The ‘Hints for Controls’ option now displays for all intended vehicles.
Fixed an issue that would cause the bridge to clip while in 3rd person view in a T28 on Hourglass
Backpacks can no longer be seen sticking out of the side of the B17 Bomber.
Taking a Tuk-Tuk into an elevator will now display the correct health
Made tweaks to various VFX while in a helicopter and firing counter measures to reduce photosensitivity risks.
Vehicles spawned through Deploy Screen will now be eventually abandoned if they are left.
Fixed an issue which would cause animation issues when going from vehicle to downed state.
Helicopter lights are no longer offset from their initial position while in the matchmaking countdown screen.
Deploy animation will now only play once after the player has switched seats multiple times in a row within vehicles.
Tanks should no longer get stuck in the mud while in a storm on Orbital.
Weathering effects are now applied more consistently to vehicles.
The soldiers physics representation now better matches the the actual animation pose when in a Tuk-Tuk or a Portal RHIB.
Added a freelook 3rd person view crosshair to vehicles.
Vehicle hud while in 1st person view now turns red when in a critical health state.
Vehicles now show both soldier and vehicle health for all seats occupied by the player.
Updated the “Transport Look Behind” option to “Reset Camera View”.
Tweaked camera pitch while in 1st person view within a helicopter to better reflect the direction of travel and increase visibility.
Fixed spawning of vehicles in elevators.
Vehicles should no longer incorrectly be slowed down when driving over certain platforms like bridges.

AH-64GX Apache Warchief
The wing camera when firing rockets on the AH-64GX Apache Warchief is now more accurately aligned.
The HUD will now be more visible when performing a nose dive in the AH-64GX Apache Warchief.

EBAA Wildcat
Fixed text description on the EBAA Wildcat to more accurately reflects its weaponry.
Fixed text description on the EBAA Wildcat and T28’s Smoke Launcher.
The EBAA Wildcat can now climb hills with a bit more ease.
Increased the handbrake strength on the EBAA Wildcat.
While on Orbital the The EBAA Wildcat used to have trouble driving over low to average height rocks. This no longer occurs.

F-35E Panther
The F35-E Panther will now take the intended damage when hitting specific buildings on Hourglass.
Increased ejection force when at low speeds in the F-35E Panther.
Added an ejector seat for the F-35E Panther when in Hover Mode.
Afterburner VFX is no longer visible through the engine swivel nozzle in a F-35E Panther.

KA-520 Super Hokum
Made tweaks to the KA-520 Super Hokum to better align its bullets to the crosshair
The KA-520 Super Hokum now correctly displays equipped attachments on its 3D model

LATV4 Recon
While entering a LATV4 Recon after sprinting, players will now find themselves in the correct seat
Fixed an issue that would cause the LATV4 to sometimes fall through the floor on Hourglass
Better positioned the hitbox of the the gunners head and shoulders when in a LATV4 Recon.
Player is no longer pushed out of bounds if revived under the LATV4.
The LATV4 Recon will no longer get stuck on a problematic rock on Discarded.

LCAA Hovercraft
Fixed an issue that would cause the LCAA Hovercraft to become stuck on the environment on Breakaway.
LCAA Hovercraft collision around point G1 on Kaleidoscope has been fixed.
The LCAA Hovercraft can no longer fly after hitting a ramp at high speeds.
Tweaked the boost on the LCAA Hovercraft to avoid it going up vertical walls.
Swimming close to a LCAA Hovercraft that is on water will no longer result in death.

M5C Bolte
Players are now able to shoot passengers within a M5C Bolte more easily.
Fixed an issue that would cause the MC5 Bolte to fall through the world on Orbital after clipping tree trunks.
Fixed an issue that would cause the camera to break when revived from under a LATV4 Recon.
Fixed an issue that would prevent the MC5 Bolte from being visible after a call-in is requested.
Fixed issue where the animation of the M5C Bolte’s main gun could become stuck in the firing animation.
MC5 Bolte Missile Launcher has been adjusted, and now also damage tanks.

Time to live 10 -> 3.2
Engine strength 175 -> 70
Damage 70 -> 45

Fixed an issue that caused the 40mm Volley Pod crosshair to not show up in the MAV.
Improved text descriptions on the MAV.

MD540 Nightbird
Switching seats in the MD540 Nightbird would sometimes alter the FOV. It should no longer do this.
It’s now possible to shoot the pilot of an MD540 Nightbird through the upper part of the cockpit’s glass.

MV-38 Condor
The MV-38 Condor should no longer spin out of control when it gets destroyed.
Fixed text description on the MV-38 Condor to more accurately reflects its weaponry.
Fixed an issue where the camera positioning could sometimes become stuck after exiting a MV-38 Condor.
50mm Cannon Pod has been tweaked against other vehicles.
RWS 50mm mounted on Air vehicles.

Start and End Damage 60 -> 65
ImpactImpulse 8000 -> 3000
This change means it should now destroy the MD540 Nightbird in 2, instead of 3 shots
RWS 50mm mounted on Land vehicles
ImpactImpulse 4000 -> 2500
StartDamage 85 -> 92
EndDamage 60 -> 65
Damage FalloffDistance start 180 -> 200
Replenish Rate 2.3 -> 2.1

Polaris Sportsman
Players should no longer fall through the game world while driving the Polaris Sportsman on Renewal.
Made adjustments to the camera setup while driving the Polaris Sportsman, ensuring players retain visibility at all times.
Players can no longer get stuck in cargo containers while driving the Polaris Sportsman on Breakaway in Hazard Zone.

T28 / M1A5 HEAT Shell
Impact damage increased by 90 > 115.
Replenish time per shell increased from 6 > 6,8 seconds.