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Battlefield V Medic Class – Combat Roles

The Battlefield Medic Class in our opinion has always been the best class to role with within a squad or league/ladder environment, we have played this class from Battlefield 2 all the way up to Battlefield 4.

The medic class in our opinion was pretty crappy in Battlefield 1 so we opted to play either Assault class or Support class due to there better weapon selection.

Medic class lovers alike will be happy to hear the Battlefield V medic class will be able to kick some ass once again with it’s primary weapon being Sub-Machine Guns! Below is some official information on the Battlefield V medic class and it’s combat roles.

Please Note game content, gameplay mechanics, and other Battlefield V aspects covered in this article may change between now and the launch of the game.

Battlefield V Medic Class
The Medic helps a squad survive and thrive. They keep teammates in the fight longer with rapid revives and health replenishing Medical Pouches. Although able to hold their own in combat with close to medium range weapons, the Medic’s best weapon is the syringe, which revives any teammate faster than the new non-Medic revive available to everyone in your squad.

Weapons and Gadgets
You need to be up close to heal and revive, so the easy-to-control, close-quarter SMG is the best choice when you can’t afford the distance of a sniper rifle or lots of time behind a machine gun. Create cover and obscure the enemy’s vision with the Smoke Grenade Launcher and use the opportunity to revive multiple downed friendlies.

Primary Weapon Category
Sub-Machine Guns

Starter Gadgets
Medical Pouch
Smoke Grenade Launcher

Battlefield V Medic Class

Combat Roles
These are tied to Classes and provide two traits. Pick a Class and Combat Role with a loadout that suits your playstyle but be ready to make a switch at the deploy overview screen to adapt to on-the-ground situations.

Each Class gets two Combat Roles at launch with one equipped as a default, and the other unlocked by playing. More will release as part of Tides of War, giving players enough time to master each before providing them with additional options to choose from.

Field Medic (Base)
The Field Medic Combat Role is the squad’s best friend when a fight takes a turn for the worse. You see the bigger picture and know that supplying Medical Pouches to those in need yields additional Requisition Points, which in turn means that your squad will be able to call in more Reinforcements at a quicker pace. Still, you have intense focus and will sprint faster toward downed friendlies that you spot.

Field Medic Traits
Healer: You gain additional Requisition Points when you supply Medical Pouches to teammates.
Swift Effort: You sprint faster when calling out to a downed friendly soldier.

Combat Medic (Unlockable)
The Combat Medic Combat Role walks the fine line of altruistic and reckless, sprinting faster to and from gunfire when in low health, ready to dispense health and revive while still knocking down foes with a melee weapon.

Combat Medic Traits
Melee Expert: All of your melee attacks automatically take down enemies.
Emergency Retreat: You sprint faster when at critical Health.

Full article on the Battlefield V Medic class can be found here: Medic Class and Combat Roles

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