Battlefield V Combat Roles

Battlefield V Assault Class: Combat Roles

Combat roles in any Battlefield game have always been crucial to the series but now Battlefield V combat roles have taken it up a notch for each class! The Assault Class is the door-kicker, always out front and best when it comes to close.

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Battlefield V Support Class: Combat Roles

The Battlefield V Support Class carries the weight of their squad as the mobile source of supplies and by toting the LMG or MMG – the big guns. The Battlefield V Support Class helps their squad close the gap between objectives by keeping teammates.

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Battlefield V Medic Class: Combat Roles

Medic class lovers will be happy, the Battlefield V medic class will kick some ass once again with it’s primary weapon being Sub-Machine Guns! This in our opinion will make the Medic class a lot more enjoyable and flexible to play. Medic Class in.

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