Battlefield V Outpost Mode

Battlefield V Outpost Mode

Battlefield V Outpost Mode is a whole new experience and has a bit more emphasis on defence and tactical play, where the kill count is not as vital as controlling the key points on the map.

In a hurry? This is Outpost in a nutshell:
A new multiplayer experience available for a limited time starting June 13
In it, you fight for control of radio towers, that can be built, upgraded, and destroyed
Controlling radio towers earns recruits – once a team reaches enough recruits, the match is won
It’s playable on the Arras and Mercury maps
It features 64 players total: 32 players per team

Defend and Destroy
With Outpost, we’ve created a game mode with slightly more emphasis on defense and tactical play, where the kill count isn’t as vital as controlling key points. You can however still expect a lot of action, as the control points you’ll be defending will see a high heat – and you have an opportunity to do a great deal of destruction. Let’s dive into the rules.

Construct Radio Towers to Gain Recruits
To win a match of Outpost, your team needs to beat the enemy’s in reaching a set number of points – which in Outpost are called “recruits.” You fill up your recruits meter by constructing and defending radio tower objectives at various locations around the map. Radio towers are built just like Fortifications – just bring out your toolbox and hammer away.

Each constructed radio tower provides your team with recruits and requisition points at regular intervals. As you know, squad leaders can use the latter to call in powerful Reinforcements like flying bombs, tanks, and supplies.

Upgrading the Radio Towers
Once built, you can use your trusty toolbox to upgrade the radio towers in three levels. This will increase the number of recruits and requisition points you get for each interval, giving you a better shot at winning the day. Another benefit of upgrading is that it’ll make towers more resilient to attacks – which brings us to the next point.

Bring Down Enemy Towers
Defending your radio towers is of course crucial, but you should also be honing in on towers in enemy control. Plant bombs at the tower foundations by interacting with them, or use other explosives in your arsenal. Defenders can defuse planted bombs if they reach them in time. On top of sabotaging enemy efforts, destroying towers is also needed for your team to construct a tower at the same location. (Plus, it’s fun. And loud.)

Tips to Succeed in Outpost
As the fight progresses, more tanks and airplanes will become available to your team. Use these to control the battle and bring down the enemy radio towers.
Notice how towers look different when upgraded. Similarly, they have a different look depending on how much damage they’ve received.
Bolster the defences around your radio towers by constructing Fortifications such as sandbags and stationary weapons. This earns your team more requisition points, which in turn mean additional Reinforcements.
Don’t forget to call in these Reinforcements when they’re available! A reinforcement tank or a well-placed V-1 Rocket is a great way to damage towers and can swing a match in your favour.

Take care of your objectives – and may your bomb plants of enemy towers be successful. Have fun with Outpost.