Battlefield V Marita Map Arriving Tomorrow

Battlefield V Marita Map Arriving Tomorrow

Great news Soldiers! The new Battlefield V Marita map will be arriving tomorrow Tuesday 30th July for PC, PS4 and Xbox.

Read on for the Battlefield V Marita Map release information and when it will be available to download.

A once idyllic mountain village in Greece becomes the latest brutal front as the Marita map arrives in Battlefield™ V.

Map Overview
It’s 1941, and the Battle of Greece continues as Allied forces cling desperately to every inch they can hold while Axis forces do their best to crush them beneath their iron heel. Whether you choose to dig in for a last stand with the defenders or try to overwhelm your enemies with the attackers, you’ll need to be prepared for the map’s verticality. Holding the high ground is imperative, especially in the main village, but even the more rural areas contain slopes, walls, and multi-story homes offering a variety of options to players. While there are transport vehicles available to use in Conquest, this map was made for close-quarters infantry combat – where all four Classes will be able to make their mark in the battle.

Marita at a Glance
Units: Infantry – Vehicles (Conquest mode)
Size: Small-Medium
Tempo: Fast and Intense

If you’re a fan of close combat and infantry-focused battles, this map was made for you. The Capture Points (a.k.a. flags) are in tighter proximity than most Battlefield V maps, which lends itself well to the overall intensity and speed of battle. Veteran Battlefield players may also notice at least a passing similarity to three classic maps – Lukow Pass and Brusilov Keep from Battlefield™ 1 and Guilin Peaks from Battlefield™ 4 – which helped inspire Marita.

You’ll be able to play a variety of game modes on the map including Conquest, Breakthrough, Team Deathmatch, and coming soon, Squad Conquest.

Key Areas and Conquest Capture Points
On the Marita map, you’ll deploy on a sloping mountain ridge and in the narrow, cobblestoned streets of the Allied-controlled village. It’s easy to become distracted by the sweeping vistas you’ll encounter, especially at some of the more picturesque Capture Points. Resist the temptation and stay focused on your enemies as this map lends itself to unexpected flanking opportunities and elevated sight lines.

Capture Point A: Kostas Farm
This once peaceful family farm was a place of life and renewal, but now death and destruction reign supreme. Hold this flag for an elevated position that will give you a perfect view of the roads below.

Capture Point B: Cliffside Post
The house at flag B offers another spectacular view, which is why the Allied forces concentrated their artillery here. It allowed them to rain down shells on the valley below, obliterating anything in their path. But that was before the village was assaulted; now, Axis forces are determined to wrest the high ground from them.

Capture Point C: Effyis Bridge
This bridge is a primary path to the larger part of the village and key to holding the map. Allied forces will need to dig in and use every tactical advantage they can muster if they want to stand a chance of winning the fight.

Capture Point D: Old House Vista
While the house it once looked down on has been lost to history, this hill offers an incredible view – and the perfect position for aggressive squads looking to circumvent the Effyis Bridge chokepoint and extend their influence.

Capture Point E: Clock Tower Plaza
Anyone entering this seemingly deserted plaza had best tread carefully. While the remnants of the former military presence offer you some cover, this open space is entirely flanked by buildings with windows that provide a perfect view of soldiers daring enough to approach.

Capture Point F: Path of Light
This simple, scenic path was once a favourite destination for the locals. Its views are unparalleled, and it even features a small shrine for any lost lambs in search of a shepherd. Now its view is mainly enjoyed by marksmen lining up their next shot.

Four Tips for Success on Marita
Straight from the developers, here are a handful of pointers that will help you and your squad win the day.

Don’t forget to look up! Marita is a profoundly vertical map with a variety of elevated positions offering unobstructed line-of-sight for large portions of the map. In particular, be on the lookout for enemy soldiers making use of nearby rooftops to launch attacks.
Listen carefully and stay quiet. Assume you’re going to be surrounded by enemies at all times and act accordingly. Sometimes the best play is to let them pass you by rather than attacking outright.
Building interiors can offer you a safe place to catch your breath before pushing on to the next flag – or a great flanking opportunity for those clever enough to use them.
If you can claim the high ground, do it. If not, don’t forget to make use of your smoke grenades for cover.