Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update #4

Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update #4

This Battlefield V Lightning Strikes Update #4 is a smaller quality-of-life update, as DICE wanted to quickly address some issues that they are hearing from the community.

With that, DICE have resolved the flickering issue on squad deployment, made improvements to shotguns, fixed the end of round Company Coin counter, and also made some stability improvements.

• Fixed the inconsistency between the length of the visual effect of the Churchill Crocodile tank’s flamethrower when viewing it in third person versus first person.
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations.
• Fixed the M1907 SF Recoil Buffer Specialization which was previously not working.
• The ZK-383 and Selbstlader 1916 no longer have the wrong zoom level with some sights when using the Fast ADS movement Specialization.

• Tweaked shotgun balance. We found that shotguns were underperforming compared to close-range SMGs. The changes to damage drop-off and pellet damage listed below make shotguns perform more consistently in close quarters and give them a slightly longer optimal range.
o Increased damage drop-off start distance for buckshot and slug ammo by 1 m.
o 12g Automatic and M1897: Increased buckshot maximum pellet damage from 5 to 7.2.
o M30 Drilling: Increased buckshot maximum pellet damage from 5 to 6.3.

Maps and Modes
Practice Range: Fixed a bug where players would get stuck when using the “Redeploy” or “Restart Practice Range” function.
Combined Arms: On Hot Pursuit, the correct number of soldiers needed to advance the objective are now spawned.
War Stories: Players should no longer run into a freeze on The Last Tiger during the section Reach German Forward Base.
Fixed the controller vibration function that wouldn’t properly work on some maps while playing Grand Operations.

Fixed the flickering issue that could happen on the squad redeploy screen.
All subtitles in the Combined Arms intro are now triggering correctly.
Levelling from level 49 to level 50 now properly shows the correct level on the End of Round screen.
Further fixes for the End of Round Company Coin counter. This should hopefully show the correct value for all players.
Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.

PC-Specific Improvements
Fixed a crash that could happen when players changed the resolution multiple times in a row while DLSS is enabled.
DLSS has been disabled when using DX11 due to stability issues.
Xbox One-Specific Improvements
Fixed an issue where shotguns dealt less damage than intended.
PlayStation® 4-Specific Improvements
Fixed an issue where shotguns dealt less damage than intended.
If the player happens to remove the network cable from the console during the map loading screen, they will once again be able to connect to EA Online without having to restart the game.