Battlefield V Update 6.6

Battlefield V Update 6.6

The Battlefield V Update 6.6 is set to go live tomorrow bringing updates for vehicles, weapons, soldiers, maps, UI & Other updates.

Our 6.6 Update combines the work that we’ve performed on Battlefield since our last update in March, seeing improvements and fixes developed originally for a 6.4 Update in April added to our most recent work on the game and is detailed below, in full. In addition to a wave of balance changes made to improve the experience using and fighting against Vehicles, we’re introducing Twisted Steel to Outpost, starting a new wave of Weekly Missions with new rewards, and adding in all new Vehicle Body Dressings.

Akira Sakamoto and Steve Fisher are also joining the Elites roster when 6.6 goes live this week.

What’s New?
New Weekly Missions.
New Elites: Akira Sakamoto and Steve Fisher.
Outpost is now available on Twisted Steel.

Improved the self-repair HUD indicator to always show if the player is able to repair the damage.

Increased the direct damage of the Type 3 shells to improve their AT ability. This tank does not have AT rounds available, and this will make the Type 3 gun a good all around choice, while the spec tree means that you can make other sacrifices to activate the upgraded driver gun.

Tweaked the hachi shell to be a more powerful HE shell, similar to the Calliope but not identical. It has better splash, but worse direct damage. The Hachi’s rocket barrage is designed as a better antivehicle tool, whilst the shell is designed to be good against infantry and single targets.

Fixed the STUG IV default shell being too low damage vs tanks. The damage vs tanks here will rise a bit to match the Panzer IV’s default shell.

Fixed the AP round on the Staghound having higher drag if using the Little John Adapter.
Standardized the Staghound HE and Staghound Little John HE rounds on the same blast and damage pattern, since the player doesn’t have a choice to keep the original gun as they upgrade.

Increased the Crocodile Gun’s damage to armor substantially and increased the blast radius and velocity. The Croc’s cost did not equate to its power and this change should help to improve that.

Reduced the damage of the Sherman 76mm HEAT and Type 5 shells direct damage so they no longer 2 hit kill against front armor. These are still very potent tank killers, but they were shown to be performing a bit outside of the intended curve.

Flakpanzer will now stop firing when it fully overheats.
Increased the velocity and rate of fire of the Type97 120HE Howitzer to match the Sherman.
Fixed the Ka-Mi having a shorter range AA and AT 50 caliber damage curve.
Increased the 2PDR Valentine cannon blast radius to the higher intended radius.
Fixed the quick repair specialization sound that could sometimes be inaudible for vehicles.
Improved the barrel and mount alignment on the LVT’s turret.
Fixed a bug that was causing the resupply prompt to show incorrectly under certain conditions when switching vehicles.
Fixed some Howitzer weapons on tanks needing more than 1 round to destroy house walls.
Fixed an exploit that would allow the incorrect team to spawn a Sturmtiger.
Fixed a situation in which light tanks could self repair and continue to move at the same time.
Improved responsiveness for the Pacific tanks when switching between going forwards and backwards.

Increased the damage of the 50cal AA MGs on the Ka-Mi and LVT to equal the TTK of other AA guns. This change only affects their damage vs planes, and is a substantial increase in damage.

Fixed the Ju-87 Stuka’s Bordkanone not doing damage to airplanes.
Fixed various issues related to vehicle skins that had gone missing since update 6.2.
Skins are now properly applied to all tank and plane wrecks.

Fixed the Sturmtiger applying mud and snow incorrectly. Snow would previously be applied in muddy environments and vice versa, and this has now been corrected.

Transport & Stationery
Increased the damage of AA by 20% against fighters. Improved the velocity and accuracy of AA when shooting at targets at high altitudes. This should tip the balance in favor of the AA, which should present enough of a threat to planes to prevent planes from bombing them without mutually assured destruction.

The larger size of the bombers makes them easier targets, and sustains more hits so they do not need the damage buff. The other aircraft are more maneuverable and will need to focus on avoiding AA rather than tanking the damage. This change does not substantially change the part of the map that AA can cover, only the effectiveness when defending against Planes at higher altitudes.

Firing the AA projectiles against Dinghy boats and Kettenrad transport vehicles no longer triggers the airburst proximity explosion.

Improved the GPW’s camera so it clips less when backing into geometry
Fixed a bug that would in rare cases cause Stationary MG’s to keep firing even if the player had exited it
Corrected the Universal Carrier HUD which could show incorrect information when changing seats
Dinghy boats scoring event has been added when they get destroyed

Implemented two new scoring events related to pilots bailing and crashing. This will ensure that a player that manages to force a pilot to abandon a plane or crash to obtain points for their efforts. The requirement is that the plane was tagged by the player prior to the bail out, the tagging for this is activated by destroying a part of the plane such as the wing, rudder, elevator, or engine.

Reduced the damage on the UK air to ground rockets. Increased the damage on the 2x rockets slightly for all factions.

Fixed a bug that in some rare cases could cause air plane wreck sounds to play for a longer than intended duration. The collision sounds system for planes has also been tweaked to trigger more naturally based upon impact and also removes some occasions where the collision sounds could get stuck in a loop.

Airplane flares now lose effectiveness outside visual range by tweaking the spotting radius curve and gravity drag settings for the airplane flare so the radius shrinks when the flare is outside visual range 100m+.

Fixed an issue that would make certain skins to not show while in 1P in the JU-88 C plane.
Planes with manual supercharger – Reduced the pitch and amp of compressor when supercharger is active.
Removed overheat functionality from the Mosquito 6PDR and JU-88 75mm since they never overheated .
Fixed a bug that would cause planes to not respond well to player input, if the player had left and re-entered it.
All of the airplanes when having the “High altitude” specialization enabled will now be able to fly 200 meters higher than without it.
Fixed an issue with the lift values that was causing planes to level too much at high speeds.
Fixed an exploit which would give some airplanes infinite nitrous.

Weapons & Gadgets
Smoothed scope transitions for all weapons. Players’ sight will be blocked by the opaque scope model for a shorter time. The slowest scope transitions have had the most quality of life improvements, and is especially noticeable on 6x scopes without Quick ADS enabled.

Airplane flares now lose effectiveness outside visual range by tweaking the spotting radius curve and gravity drag settings for the airplane flare so the radius shrinks when the flare is outside visual range 100m+

A fix for a few melee weapons that could not push transport boats around
Fixed a bug with the Lewis MG with the extended magazine specialization selected while using certain skins that would cause issues with the iron sight while in ADS mode.

The St Paddy skin no longer floats in the air when reloading the Gewehr 43.
Fixed the incorrect ammo listed for the Breda M1935.
Fixed the incorrect ammo listed for the Selbstlader 1906.

Fixed a bug that was causing the player to throw multiple ammo pouches when throwing them towards a soldier who is using a stationary weapon.

Grenades and dynamite thrown from vehicles at high speeds no longer causes extreme throwing range.
Fixed a bug related to the lunge mine and sprinting.
Fixed a glitch that was related to using the lunge mine and entering a transport vehicle.
The M3 no longer displays a muzzle flash if the suppressor is equipped
The Snakebite stock customization no longer blocks the iron sights view of the M1A1.
Fixed the disconnected muzzle on the Type 11 LMG when using 3x standard sights
The Mk VI Revolver no longer has it’s chamber not aligned with the weapon after using the flare gun
The MAB 38 now correctly displays the extended magazine if selected while using the St. Paddy’s skin
A fix for the missing fire mode switch sound on the ZK-383.
Fixed an issue that would cause AP Mines to be placed in unexpected ways when placed on some terrain.
Fixed the sniper decoy being destroyed when placed next to vehicles.
Fixed several windows that would bounce back grenades if the grenade hit the wooden parts supporting the glass, instead of the glass itself.
Fixed an issue that was causing problems when attempting to throw back grenades.

Soldiers no longer float in the air if they are killed on top of a moving vehicle.
The drowning effect no longer stays on the screen, if the player is drowning and then enters a Dinghy boat.
Fixed a glitch that would teleports players slightly when interacting with doors in a specific way.
Firestorm – Fixed an issue that could cause misaligned weapons when exiting a vehicle.

Devastation – Conquest – Found an area by the D flag which would cause the V1 and JB-2 to not explode on impact. This has now been fixed.

Hamada – Fixed a bug that would cause smaller fuel tanks to not show their explosion under certain conditions.
Narvik – Players can no longer get stuck on the boxes located on the lower part of the bridge.
Narvik – Rush – Tweaked the sandbag walls so players do not get stuck on them.
Pacific Storm – Conquest – Fixed a tree that was causing tanks to get stuck near Flag D.
Solomon Islands – Improved the vaultability of certain window frames when the building has gotten damaged.
Twisted Steel – Removed a spawn point on Breakthrough that would lead right into a barbed wire.
Twisted Steel – Rush – Fixed an exploit that would cause the MCOM to be not armable.
Wake Island – Fixed the flickering burnt textures that would show on the big fuel tanks once destroyed.
Wake Island – Firing on the large shells inside the bunkers with the Panzerbusche no longer causes them to simply disappear.
Wake Island – Improved the draw distance of the thinner overarching pipes close the the big fuel tanks.
Wake Island – Various LOD and draw distance improvements.
Wake Island – Conquest – Improved the capture area around flag A.
Wake Island – Rush – Moved the resupply station that was colliding with the MCOM.
Wake Island – Rush – The propeller of the airplane inside the hangar no longer hangs in the air after the MCOM explodes.
Wake Island – Rush – Spectator Mode – Fixed all of the cameras to be more relevant to the mode
Combined Arms – Fixed a bug that was causing players to not take damage while using a stationary weapon
Combined Arms – Harbor Headquarters – Made sure the assassination target should no longer fall under the map, which would make it impossible to finish the mission.
Combined Arms – Fixed the EOR screen that could go missing
Practice Range – Fixed a bug that was causing players to be unable to change weapons
Practice Range – Added the recent weapons that were added into the weapons rack.
By public demand, we’ve made the Swedish parrots louder.

UI & Others
Fixed a bug that was causing players unable to join a server that their friend was playing on from the social hub

Spawns on Squad-mates will now be aborted when the squad mate enters Combat. Combat today only blocks spawns, and would not abort a spawn in progress, leading to situations where players being shot at, meleed, or surrounded by close enemies with line of sight would still have player squad spawn on them, usually leading to immediate death. Squad spawn is risky, this change is intended not to remove squad spawn but to prevent instant death on squad spawns. We will be evaluating this change, and have the ability to toggle this feature on and off without a client update.

Changed the default center dead zone for gamepads to 15% from 13%. 13% was causing some controllers to drift when in a rest position. Existing players will need to manually change this setting under options, as the fix will only be automatically applied to new Battlefield V players.

If you die while retreating, the “You are spotted” text will not stay forever in your next spawn.
Fixed an issue that was causing the community games minimum players option not to function properly.

The first music track in the front-end will now choose from the whole Pacific list, following tracks will choose from the complete Battlefield V music list, including Pacific tracks.

The vehicle deploy icon now shows the quantity available for each type of vehicle.
A fix for Type 97 Special Assignment Mastery VI which was incorrectly setup.
The repair hint will no longer incorrectly show if max health has been reached.

The “You Are Spotted” widget above the mini-map now indicates when the player is spotted by any type of spotting flare, as opposed to other more direct sources of spotting (like suppression, the spotting scope, or traits).

Fixed a bug that was causing some weapon models to not show in the weapon’s selection menu, when accessed while playing on a server.
Added the kills tracker for the M2 Flamethrower in the statistics screen.
Fixed the dog tag icon for the Selbstlader 1916.

Various performance and stability improvements.

The next update to arrive for Battlefield V is targeted for a release in June, and delivers all new content for the game.