Battlefield V June Update

Battlefield V June Update

The Battlefield V June update has now been released and you may be thinking what does this update actually fix?

Well we will tell you! If you want to know more about the Battlefield V June Update Notes keep on reading.

This is a smaller update that fixes a few high priority issues and adds content for the upcoming Tides of War missions, while we work on the next patch.

Specializations and Assignments
Fixed an issue with a Boys AT Rifle Specialization which would cause it to do an incorrect amount of damage.
Fixed an issue which made it impossible to reset Specializations.
Players should now properly get the Assignments tied to weapon progression. Previously, players could run into issues where they weren’t awarded properly.

Firestorm Fixes
Players that leave the server will now drop their inventory on the ground.
Fixed an exploit that would let players land on the map earlier than other players.
Increased the draw distance of other players’ parachutes, making it easier to see where they’re heading from longer distances.

Improved stability of Spectator mode.