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Battlefield 4 The Plan For Platoons

If you have been playing Battlefield 4, you might have been wondering: “Where are the Platoons from Battlefield 3?” and where is the platoons tab? Well this short post should explain any questions you may have.

DICE: We are looking at introducing Platoons for Battlefield 4 in early 2014. We know this is a very popular feature for Battlefield players that have been used by thousands of fans, and as such we are preparing to bring it back into Battlefield 4.

As we do this, we’re also very eager to hear what new functions you would like to see. Battlelog has always been an organic service that constantly changes and grows together with you, the community so please share your thoughts on the BF4 forums!

We’ll be able to share more of our plans for the upcoming Battlefield 4 Platoons feature later.