Battlefield 4 iOS Frostbite Tech Demo Battlefield 4 Technical

Battlefield 4 iOS Frostbite Tech Demo

Battlefield 4 iOS Frostbite Tech Demo – Frostbite is not only the heart of the Battlefield games on PC and console, it’s also pushing technical boundaries on mobile.

Kristoffer Benjaminsson, Product Owner for Mobile at Frostbite, tells you about the team’s greatest mobile challenge yet.

To see exactly how far we could take the engine on mobile we set ourselves up for a real challenge: getting selected parts of the Battlefield 4 – truly a visually demanding game running on iOS.

Battlefield 4 iOS Frostbite

There is still much to do, but we’re very happy with the results so far. It’s a great feeling porting a system, get it running, and discover that there’s actually performance left.

Even though we have much room for performance improvements on our end, we’re pleasantly surprised of the performance we’re getting from the hardware.