Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

Battlefield 4 Battlepacks

Battlefield 4 Battlepacks come in three main categories: Gold, Silver and Bronze and contain several in-game bonus items.

Battlefield 4’s all new Battlepacks add an additional layer of persistence and excitement to your multiplayer progression, consisting of bundles of content that can be earned and used in-game.

Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepack
Battlefield 4 Gold Battlepack
Each Gold Battlepack contains 5 items – 2 Advanced items, 2 Standard items, and a bonus 5th item.

Battlefield 4 Silver Battlepack
Battlefield 4 Silver Battlepack
Each Silver Battlepack contains 4 items – 1 Advanced item, 2 Standard items, and a bonus 4th item.

Battlefield 4 Bronze Battlepack
Battlefield 4 Bronze Battlepack
Each Bronze Battlepack contains 3 items – 2 Standard items and a bonus 3rd item.

The items you get in Battlepacks vary in rarity, which is distinguished by color ranging from:
Standard – Gray
Advanced – White
Superior – Blue
Distinguished – Orange

These items can be anything from knives, dog tags, soldier camouflages, weapon and vehicle paints, experience boosts, weapon accessories, soldier portraits, and emblems for Battlelog.

Aside from the different item rarities, there are four different kinds of Battlepacks, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Weapon Packs, which contain the following:

Bronze Battlepacks contain three items: two Standard items, and a third item that has a chance of being Advanced in rarity.
Silver and Gold Packs, then, increase on the quantity and rarity of items, with Silver being slightly than Bronze, and Gold better than Silver.
Weapon Packs are aimed at providing weapon accessories for the specific Weapon noted in the pack.

Battlepacks are earned as you progress in multiplayer and are tied to both your rank-ups and weapon progression.

You receive your first Bronze Battlepack at rank 3, and will continue to be awarded new Battlepacks at rank 5, 7, 10, and beyond.
You begin earning new Weapon Packs during weapon progression after you’ve unlocked all previous accessories for a weapon.

You will also be able to earn Battlepacks by completing medals or taking part in official DICE online events or promotions.