Battlefield 4 CTE Community Map - Dev Alpha

Battlefield 4 Community Map – Dev Alpha

This patch contains: Battlefield 4 Community Map Updates, Netcode & High tickrate updates, Gameplay Updates, Land Vehicle updates, Air Vehicle Gameplay Updates, check the thread out for the full list.

Today’s update continues on the bug fixes and optimizations for Operation Outbreak – and we also continue the Vehicle balance pass – some of these changes was partially in yesterdays release.

These are the changes included in this release:

Community Map Updates
Fixed bad UV seam of propane tank with variation and replaced throughout the level.
Adjusting terrain around temple.
Oil Fire for TankerTrailer.
Fix to remove buggies from CQL.
Oil Smoke Contrast changes.
Fixing Medical Center Destruction.
Adjusted Schematic in the prefab so cloth will destroy with roof destruction.
Fixes to game modes. New Rush cover and boundary placement. Minor bug fixes on most modes.

Netcode Updates
High Tickrate: Implement sliding window of 128 bits to cover 1s for super high tickrates, tweaked the server tick time warning color calculation threshold so it doesn’t falsely go orange when running in-proc server

Vehicle & Vehicle related gadgets/weapons Updates
All aircraft glass is now bullet proof. You should no longer be able to get shot/blasted out through glass. This also means some weapons (HMG, miniguns) no longer deal very high damage on glass hits. Z-11 offers better protection than AH6 to the pilot like this, balancing out its larger size.
Minigun tweaks: Boat minigun damage increased from 10 max/2 min to 12 max/ 6 min. All minigun damage now drops faster, from 200 to 300 meters, previously 250 to 500 meters.
Flares should work better against passive radar (same for IGLA)
Flares might also work a little better against heat seekers and stingers
Tweaked new smokescreen VFX to match its functionality:
– small trailing clouds to indicate vehicle cannot be spotted
– big cloud at location where at was activated, this is where angle damage is set to minimum.
– timetolive changed to match the duration of 7 seconds visuallyExplanation of smokescreen game play effects:
Upon activation, 2 effects are active

1) within a retain radius where you activated it, your vehicle will take minimum damage from impact based weapons. impact based weapons are:
-SRAW, SMAW, RPG, m320
-Tank, ifv and fac shells
-TOW missiles
-Jet cannons
-Scout heli 25mm and attack heli gunner cannor
-zZuni rockets

Non impact based weapons are:
-MBT-LAW, Javelin
-LGMs, laser designations
-hydra and smart rockets
-C4, mines and slams
-TV missile

2) you cannot be spotted, active spots will be removed. this is independent of your location.
Both effects last 7 seconds
Made aa mine immune to below radar
Increased aa mine damage from 150 to 210
Improved trajectory of laser designations (infantry launched and TOW)
Jet hud changes: Attack jet rocket pods have a proper reticle, added small dot to AA missiles
Stealth Jets. Move interact location to cockpits.

Weapon Updates
Corrected mare’s leg damage dropoff to be slightly better than .44 magnum drop off end 60 (45)

Misc Updates
Added support for RepairRateModifier (to be used to balance in vehicle repairs per vehicle type)

Summer Patch coherence
This release also includes a full integration of the Summer Patch – which means the changes you’d expect to see there should be in here. IE the Jets should be back to 313 “normal” setup again etc. Let us know if you find any inconsistencies!