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Battlefield 1 Videos – Images

This section covers all Battlefield 1 Videos – Images and Audio related posts. Such as Battlefield 1 trailers and videos, renders and concept art, soundtracks, ringtones and more.

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Battlefield 1 Real Life Locations

DICE Aleksander Grøndal has recently retweeted a video by Reformatt Show showing some of the real life locations that where used to create the Battlefield 1 maps. In this short but pleasant video you get to see several locations in France, here is what Reformatt Show had to say. Oh and if you like this video be sure to hit that like button! Battlefield 1 is one of the best video games ever made based on World War 1 with game maps representing real world settings. Enjoy this Battlefield…

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Soundtrack

The Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Soundtrack is now available for you to listen to and use in your Battlefield videos, this Battlefield 1 apocalypse soundtrack was composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST AND PATRIK ANDRÉN. Release date: 20 February 2018 – Battlefield 1 Soundtracks Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Soundtrack Playlist: Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse – The Four Horsemen. Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse – Dark March. Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse – Melting. Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse – Haunting Spirits. Battlefield 1 – Apocalypse – The Aftermath. Looking for more Battlefield Soundtracks? You can find…

Battlefield 1 Apocalypse Trailer – Official

Get ready for the last trailer you will ever see for Battlefield 1, this Battlefield 1 apocalypse expansion trailer is quite a dark and moody video and captures the Battlefield like hell on earth! With no end in sight, enter a living hell and participate in the most brutal battles of the cataclysmic Great War. Make use of new weapons, melee tools, and gadgets across 5 new maps. You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.…

Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Cinematic

This Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Cinematic video was created from in-game multiplayer footage and also some spectator footage to get better angles of the Battlefield. Battlefield 1 Prise de Tahure Cinematic Gameplay By Battlefield Informer The audio track we used is Nobody’s Perfect vs Written in The Stars (Billy Van Remash ft. Zach Majors, Lauryn Vyce, Brice Fox) and you must watch there video it is pretty good: You can check out more Battlefield videos in our Video Gallery or our YouTube channel, thanks for watching.…

Battlefield 1 Turning Tides North Sea Trailer

The Battlefield 1 Turning Tides North Sea update and base game update is now released and ready to go on all platforms. This update brings maps Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge to Turning tides and also brings a load of base game updates. Launch a North Sea assault with the new content of Battlefield 1 Turning Tides in January 2018, including the Heligoland Bight and Zeebrugge maps, the British Empire’s Royal Marines faction, and the C-Class Airship. Learn more about Battlefield 1 Turning Tides: You can check out more…

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