Battlefield 1 Real Life Locations

Battlefield 1 Real Life Locations

DICE Aleksander Grøndal has recently retweeted a video by Reformatt Show showing some of the real life locations that where used to create the Battlefield 1 maps.

In this short but pleasant video you get to see several locations in France, here is what Reformatt Show had to say. Oh and if you like this video be sure to hit that like button!

Battlefield 1 is one of the best video games ever made based on World War 1 with game maps representing real world settings. Enjoy this Battlefield 1 road trip through northern France at Château de Chantilly (Ballroom Blitz), Amiens, St-Quentin, the Somme 1916 Museum and the Museum of the Great War, the best WW1 museum in Europe.

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