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Battlefield Hardline Robbery – For Premium Members

The criminals blow open the Museum in an orchestrated effort to make it out with the Big Score. In Battlefield Hardline Robbery the cops get the call and hit the scene equipped with new weapons and gadgets to stop them dead in their tracks.

It’s time for the big score Battlefield Hardline Robbery is now rolling out for Battlefield Hardline Premium members today, September 16. It will be released for everyone else on September 30 so if you are a premium member you will be playing very soon.

Premium members can jump in to the all-new Squad Heist mode, which combines the combat of Battlefield with the intimate fantasy of a classic heist in 5v5 battles. To see what makes this new mode so unique, check out “The Big Score,” Battlefield Hardline: Robbery’s Squad Heist Gameplay Trailer, which gives a look at the heist from both sides.

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